Clay Aiken – A Man Of Many Talents

What an interesting day we had on Monday, June 15th.  The Supreme Court of the United States made an important Decision.  USAToday posted the following notice about the decision:

Today, The Supreme Court ruled that LGBTQ workers cannot be fired under Title VII of the 1964 Rights Act.   

This was a big decision and most people felt it would be a very tight decision.

Immediately after the decision was announced, Clay Aiken posted on Twitter about the decision.   Then, it was not long before Clay was mentioned on some large news sites.  PolitiFact remembered that Clay had mentioned Title VII in 2016

USA Today posted the following:

Singer Clay Aiken took to Twitter to raise a question about Justice Gorsuch, who wrote the decision and was nominated to the court by President Donald Trump. 

“Question: Does this mean that we now celebrate Justice Gorsuch for his role in protecting the rights of LGBT Americans? Or do we still have to hate him because of other decisions we don’t agree with?” he wrote.

Then, Wonderwall posted Clay’s tweet (above) and added the following  picture.

I am glad to see that most people in the news field know that Clay has something to say that is important. 

Be sure and hop over to Clay’s Twitter and let him know how you feel about the Supreme Court Decision and his response to it.


Now…let’s take a moment to hear Clay sing Without You.  What a beautiful song….and Clay sings this so well!

Yes…an intelligent man and also a very talented singer.

He has a lot to give to all of us!

Thank you, Clay!

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