Clay Aiken – What He Has To Say!

Put Clay Aiken on Late Night TV and what happens? – 

The Internet lights up with articles about what Clay Aiken has to say!

After Clay Aiken’s successful visit to The Arsenio Hall Show, it has been fun to read the reaction from the many internet sites that have written about the visit and interview.

From Deemer

I did a simple google search for Clay Aiken in preparation for this blog.  I was shocked!  I asked google to give me mentions in the last 24 hours… Did you know that there are hundreds of articles about Clay and his opinion about The Duck Dynasty controversy.  I went through 10 pages and skimmed through a few more and finally stopped!

The diversity of the sites is interesting…it seems everyone wants to know what Clay Aiken had to say!

The following are a few of the sites that mention Clay:

BroadwayWorld:  Clay Aiken  Performs; Talks Duck Dynasty Controversy on ARSENIO

There’s no better way to kick off the holidays than with Arsenio and Clay Aiken sharing vocals on “This Christmas.” Later, Aiken weighs in on the controversial comments made by “Duck Dynasty” star, Phil Robertson…

Time:  Late-Night Highlight: Clay Aiken Talks Duck Dynasty

Clay Aiken and Arsenio Hall sat down to remember their time on The Celebrity Apprentice, but the conversation quickly steered toward anti-gay comments from Duck Dynasty‘s Phil Robertson.

DigitalSpy:  Clay Aiken on Duck Dynasty controversy: ‘Homophobia comes from fear’

Openly gay Celebrity Apprentice star Aiken addressed Robertson’s statements during an appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show.  “Homophobia, all of it’s built out of fear,” Aiken said.

He continued: “If the person had said something about interracial marriage, or said, ‘We need to put all children with disabilities in institutions’, would we still be saying, ‘Well, that’s free speech, we’re okay with that opinion’? And I think the answer is no.”

If you don’t like these sites, you might visit:

PopWatch, Entertainment Weekly, hotnewsinternational, e-online, onenewspage,,, or mjsbigblog.  And, #6 on the list: Clay Aiken News Network! (thanks to all of you!)

I also looked at some of the comments made at some of the news sites.  I did not cover the Clay Aiken sites…that’s too easy.  What do non fans  think?  First, as usual, there are the haters who post just to post..then there are the people who are fans of The Duck Dynasty.  They aren’t mad at Clay, they are mad at the entire situation!  But…there are still a lot of good comments about Clay.  The following are just a few I found:

Clay is always a great guest. Glad he sang something new and upbeat. His Christmas album is still my favorite for sure. You can tell Arsenio and Clay really are friends. Thought he was well spoken and answered Arsenio’s question about Duck Dynasty intelligently.


To be honest I haven’t been a Clay fan but I’ll give him kudos for this interview. I really liked his response and I enjoyed the way he was so relaxed on camera. And, as an aside, I also never thought of Clay as attractive but he has matured into a very nice looking gentleman.

I watched The Apprentice for Arsenio. It was my first exposure to Clay and I like the friendship that these two have.

I liked the honest discussion, and Arsenio saying that for “a moment” he did think about what would others think about him, etc. I think true for most people. I watched Apprentice that year for Clay and liked the friendship that grew between these two. Think Clay had a point with his comparisons about “free speech” there’d be more public outrage over other possible comments.

Clay is and will continue to be a role model.  He is intelligent and articulate.  I enjoy hearing his opinions. 


Did you watch Clay on Thursday night?

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