Clay Aiken – “No Alternative Facts For Me”


On a stormy evening in New York City, Clay Aiken made his way to the iHeartmedia radio station to talk with Meghan McCain on her show, America Now.

With a new president of the U.S. who is quickly making major changes in the government, you can imagine that both Clay and Meghan had lots to talk about.

Both America Now and Clay sent tweets to let people know about the conversation:

Don’t miss out, @clayaiken returns tonight!

A bit later they posted:

What should the US do when their new is blaming “illegals” for his popular vote loss? is NOW:



They used a picture from Celebrity Apprentice!!

Just before Clay was on the air, he posted:

No alternative facts for me. Just the real kind. Me and on at 8pmEST

Yep…we all want the truth!!

Clay had a lot to say.  The following  are a few of the things he mentioned.

  1.  He was inspired by the number of people in The Woman’s March.  He hopes they are still excited and ready to work in 2 years!
  2. Said he is trying to limit his cussing…has a app on his phone that changes the word if it is typed in.
  3. When asked about the first press conference, he wondered who was lying, Sean Spicer or Trump.
  4. At this time, he thinks Elizabeth Warren is the only person that can galvanize the Democratic party.
  5. Feels that the reason Trump is so fixated on numbers is because he has to “one up others”.

Clay told a story about an experience in the Phoenix Airport.  When he travels, he carries a microphone with him in his carry-on luggage.  He has done it often and has never been stopped until…last December in Phoenix.   The man working, showed Clay what the x-ray looked like and Clay said it looked like a gun.  It made him wonder why he had never been stopped before and felt it was a bit scary.

Meghan said:

  1. One of the most popular books bought this week was George  Orwells –  “1984”.
  2. She thought that Clay should run again for public office.  She feels that, with the correct backing, he could win.
  3. She argued with Clay about Elizabeth Warren.  Doesn’t think she is popular at all.

I am sure there was a lot more in their conversation, but that is all I wrote down.  Clay was in the last hour of the show.  You can hear the show at: AMERICANOW

The following are a few pictures of Clay visiting with Meghan on different days.

June 10, 2016 America Now Radio

June 10, 2016 America Now Radio


Clay is talking with Meghan McCain on June 28th.

Clay is talking with Meghan McCain on June 28th.

Did you hear Clay with Meghan last night?

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