Clay Aiken – Turn On The Lights!

Tuesday night, Clay Aiken performed at the Kraushaar Auditorium, a small concert hall that is on the campus of Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland.

Clay’s voice soared as he entertained the audience by singing songs from his latest album, Tried & True.

The concert was a combination of professional entertainment combined with some difficulties with some of the staging.  Clay let the audience know that there were some serious problems with the lighting.  It seems there was never a spotlight on any of the entertainers on stage.  However, a few members of the audience were in the spotlight much of the concert.

Clay made a point of staying towards the front of the stage so that the audience could see him in spite of the huge monitors at the front of the stage.  He explained that by doing that he could not hear through his earpiece so everyone should just relax.

It is always fun to read what some fans comment about the concert:

  • The show was like seeing an old friend.  Clay was wonderful.
  • Clay was adorable and yummy in plum…and very clean-shaven.
  • Clay had the crowd licking the backs of their hands and smelling it as a way to see if they had bad breath!
  • They are so 21st century….now if only they could get spotlights!
  • He bought a Yoshi Blade so he could see how he could cut up an apple!
  • WOW!  I can’t wait to play that audio over and over.  Ben was awesome!
  • Ragtime…Ben is amazing!!
  • Sounds like Clay was in a great mood and in great voice!!

There are some wonderful pictures from the Baltimore concert.  Although there was so much trouble with the lighting, these pictures are amazing.

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