Clay Aiken – Writes At The Huff Post


Friday…Surprise!!!   Clay Aiken has an amazing blog published at the Huff Post!

To celebrate this wonderful article, Clay tweeted about it:

Clay Aiken ‏@ClayForNC 
Congress could do so much more to serve our military and veterans. Read my proposals on @HuffPostPol: #ncpol #nc02

The excellent blog should be read by everyone!

Huff Post – 5 Easy Things That Members of Congress Could Be Doing for Our Military and Veterans, But Aren’t

 By   – Democratic candidate for U.S. Representative of North Carolina’s 2nd Congressional District

Too many times these days, our veterans are getting caught up in the childish games in Congress. That’s unacceptable.

I’m running for Congress in North Carolina’s Second District. We’re fortunate to be home to over 50,000 active duty soldiers, their families, and thousands of veterans. These folks have been severely impacted by reckless votes in Washington like the government shutdown and sequestration cuts.

Washington has become an embarrassment. It seems as if politicians can find a way to make every issue partisan and polarizing. Protecting and serving our military and veterans shouldn’t be.

I’ve used my voice to sing for years, but it’s time to use my voice to speak up for thousands whose voices aren’t being heard. So in an attempt to be part of the solution in Washington, here are five simple, practical things that I think Congress could be doing to improve the lives of our nation’s heroes, but because they refuse to work together, they simply aren’t…

Clay goes on to list 5 different things that Congress should and could do.  I really want to encourage you to visit the Huff Post to read the entire article.  Whatever your political leaning, I believe you will find that the article is full of nonpartisan ideas and suggestions.  Also…every hit on the page is important.  Hits are one of the ways an internet site judges how popular the article is.  I would love to see more articles by Clay so lets read the blog at The Huff Post.  You can read Clay’s blog at HUFFPOST


ABC Eyewitness News 11 highlighted Clay Aiken’s visit to Fayetteville Technical Community College.  On their site, they are running a short video of Clay.

You can read the entire article by Nicole Carr and see the video at ABC


Clay supporter, ClaystheMOAM, lives in North Carolina and was able to attend the reception/fundraiser on Thursday evening.  The successful and fun event took place at  SkyView on Hay in Fayetteville, NC.  Here are a few pictures that were taken by ClaystheMOAM:

Clay is speaking to the audience

Meeting every person there!

Looks like all ages are supporting Clay

 The upcoming week looks like it will be very busy for Clay.  He has lots of events on the calendar.

 It will be fun following his campaign as he meets more and more people.

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