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Clay Aiken – Sharing In The Excitement

Tonight marks the 12th season premiere of the very popular talent show, American Idol.  Shown on Fox at 8 pm, American Idol will still be hosted by Ryan Seacrest.

However, the show is on the edge.  It is considered an “old” show and its ratings have been on a downward spiral for the last few years.  In 2012, Idol lost the title of most watched TV program.  The last time that happened was in 2003 when it was passed by Sunday Night Football.  Last season was also the lowest rated season since the first season in the summer of 2002.

It is rumored that Idol is paying the judges a combined $36 million.  Will they help the show or only bring PR to themselves?  Fox and the producers are hoping that we will all tune in to find out that answer.

There will be other changes in the show, but those are things we will see as the season continues.  Maybe they will have a great season and the numbers will turn around.

Every time the beginning of the Idol season starts, I think back to Season 2.  I remember watching Clay Aiken in Atlanta and loved sharing in the excitement when he learned he was going to Hollywood.  That’s what the show should be about!!

I will always be thankful for American Idol because they introduced Clay Aiken to the world.  However, I haven’t watched the show for years.  The premise of finding an unknown talent is no longer a part of the show and the horrible way they treat the former stars is amazingly disgusting.  I will only watch if Clay Aiken is on the show.

Will you be watching American Idol this season?

I know you have probably seen this video many times.  But, it is a Gem and a good video should be seen more than once.


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