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Clay Aiken – A Day of Change!

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There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured by what is right with America.
~Bill Clinton – Inauguration speech


Thursday was a busy day in social media and Clay Aiken was right in the middle of it.  The day started out with a message from Bold:

Join Us For a Bold Inauguration Day

…This week on Bold TV, we are having a special episode in light of Inauguration Day. Clay Aiken will be hosting solo, and Carrie Sheffield will be Skyping in from Washington D.C. (but no worries, Carrie will be back in the studio next week).

To start off the show, we will continue last week’s conversation on race in America. We’ll watch a clip from Clay’s recent trip to Iowa, where he talked with students from diverse backgrounds, from Donald Trump supporters to members of the Muslim community. We will see how this community has been effected by this election season, and if it’s possible to bring such a divided community together.

Clay will then Skype in Carrie and Aloyna Minkovski, streaming live from the Watch Us Run conference in Washington D.C. They will discuss the inauguration, as well as Watch Us Run, which Bold is co-sponsoring with Bustle and The Huffington Post. The conference is a non-partisan event that features panels of discussion in politics, media, and others – including a panel moderated by Carrie on what it takes to run for office…

It sounds like a great program.  You can see it tomorrow at 10am Eastern time on the Bold  Facebook page.


Clay was busy sending messages on Thursday too.  He sent out 9 tweets, 2 instagrams, and lots of messages and new pictures on his Facebook page.  His tweets were all different and some people liked them and some didn’t.  Isn’t that the way it is these days?  If you like, you can read his tweets on his twitter page: CLAYSTWITTER .

Clay was also busy making changes to his pages.  I guess he was trying to find just the right pictures to be on his pages during the inauguration.

I really liked this picture that is from his Facebook page…


At the end of the day, Clay added a new Instagrid to his Instagram page.  He also put the picture on his Facebook page.


I like the picture, but it is a great grid picture on his Instagram page.  You can see it HERE


So…tomorrow will be a full day.  The inauguration has brought out the best and the worst of people.

I hope that each of us will not play the game of who is right and who is wrong.

Life’s too short to argue with others!

Have a wonderful day and …hope we get more tweets from Clay!

 It is always fun when he tweets!


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