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Clay Aiken – Listen To Each Other!

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Did you watch Clay Aiken and Carrie Sheffield on BOLD TV on Friday morning?  I hope you didn’t miss it because, in my opinion, it was the best show so far.


Friday’s show was a special Martin Luther King episode about race in America.  All three of their guests had interesting points of view and stated their thoughts with ease.  And, even though they did not always agree with each other, they respected each other and listened to each others ideas.

I seem to enjoy the show more when they stick to one topic.  They can spend plenty of time on the chosen topic and actually dig a bit deeper into the special topic.  I also like that they check the questions that the audience members ask via the internet.  It keeps it moving.

If you missed the show, you can still see it on the Bold Facebook page.  BOLD  




A picture from backstage!


Clay posted the following tweet on Friday:

. is PUTTING ME THRU IT! How am I just hearing about this show? This is perfect writing! This is amazing acting! This is… art!

So…do you watch the TV show, This is Us?  The show is the story of several people who all share the same birthday.  This is Us airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on NBC.  I thought it was fun when Clay got a return tweet from the show:

This Is Us Retweeted Clay Aiken

Oh, stop it, Clay. You’re making us blush! 😍

It looks like I need to start watching this show.  Do you watch it?


Don’t forget to put a big, red circle around Monday, January 16th:

The View
Monday January 16 2017
01/16/17 | TV-14 | CC
A special Martin Luther King Jr. Day show with Van Jones (“The Messy Truth”); former white supremacist turned anti-hate activist Arno Michaelis and co-founder of Pardeep Singh Kaleka; Clay Aiken and Sunny Hostin visit West High School in Iowa City to talk to students about the reported bullying following the election and the student-organized peaceful protests that followed.

01-13-17View promo

Picture from Variety!

I will be watching the show Monday and have reminded some of my friends that they might want to watch too.  It certainly sounds like it will be a great show.

Congrats to Clay Aiken who is busy using his voice to inform the public about important news and ideas.


Have a wonderful Saturday and be careful in the bad weather!

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