Clay Aiken – “Put You Money On Him”

The second episode of the current season of Celebrity Apprentice was broadcast on Sunday, February 26. The entertaining show had a medieval theme and both teams were responsible for putting together an entertaining 15-minute performance at the Medieval Times in Lyndhurst, New Jersey.

At the end of the evening, it was Victoria Gotti who, after a “cat fight” with Lisa Lampanelli, earned the Donald’s “You’re Fired!”

In her post-show promotional tour of the talk shows, Gotti was pleasant and had some wonderful things to say about Clay Aiken.  Gotti visited the Wendy Williams Show.  The following was written about the interview in the Huffington Post:

Victoria Gotti was fired Sunday night on “The Celebrity Apprentice,” cutting short her stint on Donald Trump’s reality show. Her elimination was a shame for viewers who hoping to see some major drama erupt between Gotti and “Real Housewife” of New Jersey Teresa Giudice. But stopping by “The Wendy Williams Show” (weekdays on Fox) Gotti was gracious about her time on the show, and offered up a surprising prediction for who she thinks could end up winning it all.

On the much-ballyhooed rift with Giudice that never really materialized, Gotti explained that, “Teresa and I had a kind of mix-up in the beginning. But then we clear the air and become good friends,” she said. Gotti was also diplomatic about comedian Lisa Lampanelli, who she butted heads with on the show. “I don’t have any thoughts … If you want to win that hard, take it, go for it, I’ll give it to ya.”

When Wendy asked Gotti who her pick was to win it all, her answer seemed to surprise the audience. “Definitely Clay Aiken,” she said, as the crowd gasped in surprise. “You know what guys, you have to understand, you’re seeing the mean side of people and you’re thinking, ‘You have to be the meanest to win it.’ In the end, that gets you so far, then you have to use your brain.”

After reading her kind remarks, I decided to learn about Victoria Gotti.  I found a biography about Gotti at  The following are some facts about this interesting lady.

  • Her birthday is November 27, 1962, making her 49 years old.
  • She had four siblings and she was the shiest of them all.
  • At age 15, she was diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse, a condition that makes the heart race, causing dizziness and palpitations.
  • When Victoria was 30 years old, her father, John Gotti, was convicted of racketeering and five counts of murder.
  • Gotti is the author of seven books. Some are cookbooks and other novels.
  • She is an editor-at-large for Star Magazine.
  • Gotti is a former New York Post columnist and channel 5 reporter.
  • In high school, Gotti was a straight-A student.  She skipped two grades in high school.
  • She entered St. Johns University at the age of 15.
  • In 2000, Victoria’s husband was arrested for using extortion and arson to frighten a Queens business competitor.
  • Gotti and her teenage sons starred in the reality show called Growing Up Gotti for two years.

It certainly seems like she has lived a complicated life.  The following paragraph is an interesting chapter in her life:

In March of 1980, Victoria’s 12-year-old brother, Frank, was hit by a car after he steered his motorbike into traffic. The accident devastated Victoria, who referred to her brother as her “little doll.” Soon after the incident, her mother reportedly hospitalized the driver of the car, John Favara, after she bludgeoned him with a baseball bat. Four months later, Favara was abducted and never seen again. Victoria says she knows nothing of the incident, or her family’s relation to Favara’s disappearance.

It is hard to imagine her life.  Her personal history certainly plays an important part in who she is today.

I loved Gotti’s interview on Tuesday with Access Hollywood.  Again, she had wonderful things to say about Clay.  The following is what she said:

Victoria Gotti got the axe on Sunday’s “The Celebrity Apprentice,” but while she didn’t make it very far in Donald Trump’s celebrity reality competition on NBC, the mob daughter said she has an inkling of who is going to win.

“Clay Aiken — put your money on him,” she told Access Hollywood on Monday.

But why the “American Idol” Season 2 runner-up for her pick?

“Clay is smart. Clay is good,” Victoria said. “He’s strategic… He can be b****y if he needs to be, but thankfully he doesn’t have to be… He focuses on the game, but he holds his stuff for the end.

“He’s gonna take this,” she added.

Well…I guess I can forgive her some of the nonsense of Sunday night and only hope she is right about Clay.

You can read the entire article at AccessHollywood

Did you know about Victoria Gotti before Celebrity Apprentice?

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