Clay Aiken – “Leaving The Ground”

It has been three days since Chris Johnson at the Washington Blade reported the rumors that Clay is actively considering a bid to represent North Carolina’s 2nd congressional district in the U.S. House.  Amazingly, the buzz continues.  Right now, the google search number is at 109,000,000 mentions! That is a lot bigger than 24 hours ago!  AND…at this time, Clay is still trending on YAHOO.

There are hundreds of articles out there about Clay running for Congress.  I am posting  just a few paragraphs with a link to the original article. If you like the articles, be sure and let the writers know!


This is a new site the combines politics and pop!  It is a casual blog and they seem to say what they feel and don’t pull any punches!

…After witnessing the pathetic performance of Congress during the government shutdown in October 2013, Clay Aiken running for a seat as a Democrat seems neither bizarre nor impossible…

…Aiken has put together a decade of impressive servitude and activism. He’s been a UNICEF spokesperson since 2004, traveling to several countries for them and other charities. In 2008, he came out and has since championed LGBTQ causes including going to the nation’s capital to support successful anti-bullying legislation. None of the Democrat party bigwigs or organizations will comment…

The Vibe – Democratic Party’s New Rising Star: Clay Aiken?  by Noah Rothman 

The Democratic Party is aggressively recruiting potential candidates to take on Republicans as the 2014 midterm election cycle revs into high gear. With political pressure mounting on Democrats as the Affordable Care Act’s roll-out continues to encounter roadblocks, Democrats are turning to some unlikely sources to bring name recognition and star power to the campaign trail. One such unlikely potential recruit is former American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken

…But Aiken, too, would need to navigate a Democratic primary in order to secure the party’s nomination to represent the Tar Heel State’s 2nd Congressional District. The fact that Aiken is well-known and could self-fund a campaign is reportedly attractive for Democratic operatives in North Carolina…

I especially like the title of The Vibe article!

 I love that Clay seems to be the “Democratic Party’s New rising Star”, but I will always remember some of his amazing performances.

On January 4, 2009, Clay Aiken performed his last performance of Spamalot on the stage of the Shubert Theater. It was a night of celebration for the audience and the cast members. From the look on Clay’s face, it was a night full of joy and excitement for him too.

Thank you, Clay for the great Broadway adventure. Your performances as Sir Robin, Guard 1 and Brother Maynard were spot on and gave the audience lots of laughs.

I was lucky enough to see Clay perform in Spamalot and even was chosen as the peasant one night. However, I was not there for the final show.

Were you there?

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