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Clay Aiken – Following The Campaign Trail


We are back and looking forward to getting back into the swing!

It was a difficult time to be off-line, but it was important that we keep the site

running without interruptions and safe for Candidate Clay Aiken.

AND…I hope you like the new lay-out!

We finally got everything back on-line late Sunday!  We have to catch up!!


It is almost time to send out the e-mails to let you know we are up so this first post will be mostly pictures.  I will post again today to help catch up and keep up with the news of Candidate Clay!

Clay was a guest on The Colbert Report on April 30th.

All the reviews and comments about the Colbert Report with Clay have been wonderful!

On MSNBC visiting with Ronan Farrow. Interesting interview about the NC election.

On May 2, Clay participated in a Debate at abc11 TV. Clay did an amazing job and certainly won lots of votes during the debate!

Apex PeakFest on Saturday!

Out and about at the Apex PeakFest

Western Wake County Democrats – 2nd District Convention May 3-2014

There are so many new pictures and events to report about that this is just a sample.  Wow, we missed a lot while we were gone!

Please stop back during the day as I will post again to catch up and to post the events that will be occurring today!!

AND…help us out by passing the word that


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