Two Times For Clay Aiken

October 17th

– Odd –

Did you realize that Clay Aiken was a guest on The View

on two different October 17th’s

Clay was in the middle of the promotional tour for Measure of A Man.  On 10/17/03, he was a guest on The View.  This was a show that most people will remember.  Do you remember?

Meredith Viera did the entire interview dressed up as a hot dog.  (I don’t remember why)

A fan wrote a letter asking  how Clay smelled!!  After lots of laughter,  a “smell expert” came up and carefully smelled Clay around the neck area. He said it was a very fresh smell. Clay looked very uncomfortable with the smell section of the interview.

Clay talked about all the attention he was getting and claimed  he had no idea why everyone screamed for him. He mentioned  that a few years ago, no one ever screamed for him!

Clay ended the segment by singing Invisible.

On October 17, 2016, Clay was again a guest on The View.  He reported on his visit to a Trump Rally in Wilkes Barre.

Clay did an excellent job of reaching out to the Trump voters.  He listened, he didn’t demean any of their answers and he kept control of the conversation.

His live conversation with the members of The View panel was great.  The information he shared was important for all to hear.  He proved that you can disagree with people but still be kind.

What do you think?  It’s fun to see how Clay has grown in the entertainment field.

 I loved both visits!

  Maybe Clay can be on the show on another October 17th!!


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