Clay Aiken – He Has Lots To Do!

Tuesday, May 10th was a busy day for Clay Aiken.  He had lots to do!

Clay had his latest blog posted on HuffPost Politics.  The blog is titled:

My Home State’s Anti-LGBT Law Is Emblematic of a Much Larger Problem

The blog is personal and  touching, but still filled with information.  It makes you think…It makes you angry, and it might even bring a tear to your eye!

You can read this excellent blog at HUFFPOST-POLITICS   I hope you will read this blog and maybe even share your reactions to reading it here.


On Tuesday afternoon, Clay was a guest on Yahoo News Live.  He talked with Yahoo Guest Anchor Paul Beban.  They discussed the latest developments in the fight between North Carolina’s Governor McCrory  and the federal government over the state’s controversial so called bathroom bill, HB2.   They also talked about Bernie Sanders and  discussed the Vermont senator’s future in the Democratic race.

The following are a few screen caps from the program:

If you missed seeing Clay on Yahoo News, you can still see it at YAHOONEWS . I like that Mr. Beban asked interesting questions and gave Clay plenty of time to answer completely.


This morning, May 11th, Clay will be back at CNN to chat with Ashleigh Banfield. According to the CNN website:

Legal View with Ashleigh Banfield is a daytime news program that digs into the big stories of the day and their legal implications.

The show is broadcast at 12pm ET/9am PDT.

AND….that is not all for the day…

Clay will be on the Meredith Vieira Show today too.  The show was filmed a few weeks ago, but it is great that Clay is a guest on one of her last shows.  They posted the following picture as part of their Promo for the show

This show is at different times in different areas…  If you do not know the time or channel, you might get the information HERE

I look forward  to watching both shows today and hopefully Clay will have some great tweets too!

Let us know how you liked the shows!!

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