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5 thoughts on “Interviews

  1. i feel so sad, almost all the videos above are not available here in the philippines. why, oh why?!

  2. I wish I could tell you why. Most of the are YouTube and I guess they have their own rules. So sorry! Later today, I will see if I can get more information.

    • Thank you so much! I am a new fan (at least for 10 months now) and I have been scouring YouTube for all of Clay's videos/montages and pictures since I have to make up for the 10 years that I missed. His Tried and True cd was the onIy only one available here so I got 3 of his cd's, the Tried and True dvd and his book from And I have been listening to all of them the whole day, everyday for the last 10 months…

  3. I'm an avid fan from the philippines too and it's so frustrating that some of the videos are not available to us. Grateful for the ones that are though.

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