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Thank you and Farewell

Hello and Happy New Year!  I hope all of you enjoyed a wonderful holiday and that you are looking forward to another exciting year.  Wi[...]

A True Love Of Your Own

American Idol, Season II was full of surprises . It was an exciting time for the performers and the audience. The third elimination night was one[...]

A Thousand Beautiful Songs!

Clay started the promotion for A Thousand Different Ways with an appearance on the Tonight Show. Sometimes you just remember certain Clay Aiken [...]

Clay And Ruben Are So Talented!

Clay and Ruben started their tour this week. It was great to see the audience enjoying the talent on the stage. Ruben and Clay - What g[...]

Relax - We Will Hear About The Tour...SOON!

They say..."No News is Good News!" Well that may be true, but I want to hear about Clay and Ruben and the opening tour! [...]

Clay Aiken - It's Tour Time!

The falling leaves drift in my window. The falling leaves of red and gold I see your lips, summer kisses Lyrics by Johnny Merc[...]

Two More Days - Clay Aiken - Ready for fun!

Hurry, Hurry! Grab your morning coffee, orange juice, or tea! There is more fun this week! Are you ready for great music and fun [...]

Have You Ever Gone to A Tour By Clay Aiken?

Since Clay is about to start on another tour, I thought it would be fun to see if we remember some fun pictures of Clay on tour. [...]

Yep = It's A Good Day!

No Name - - - - - -No Story But..... Sometimes it's fun to get lost in your computer! YEP....It's A Great Day! [...]

Clay Aiken - some Fun Moments!

2005 was the summer of the Jukebox Tour. Clay Aiken fans filled the concert halls and arenas in the eastern half of the United States to see a great[...]

Clay Aiken - A Great Song For The Weekend!

On June 21, 2010, Clay Aiken performed in a concert called Bringing Broadway Home. It was held in the Raleigh Memorial Auditorium. The evening [...]

Clay Aiken - Music Is Pure

Yesterday, I spent more time than I should, listening to Clay Aiken sing. Started with Perfect Day, then clicked on Can't Take My Eyes Off Of Yo[...]

Fast Facts About Spamalot - Clay Aiken!

As most of you know, Clay Aiken made his first starring role on Broadway, playing Sir Robin in the quirky musical, Spamalot. Clay's first run in[...]

Merry Christmas - Yikes It's Only September - Clay Aiken

It was announced this week that Clay Aiken, a multi-platinum singer, was going to be a special vocalist at the Naples Philharmonic. The Ph[...]

A Holiday To Remember - Clay Aiken!

Labor Day is more than just a day off from school and work. It is a great time to think about the history of the national holiday and its import[...]

September Story - Clay Aiken

Did you know.... Band-Aids were invented in the month of September! September 19th is "Talk like a Pirate Day" Labor Day is the [...]

Life Is Beautiful - Clay Aiken

Which One of these wonderful pictures is your favorite! [...]

Clay Aiken - Beautiful Words To Haunting Music

Where Do I Begin is a popular song that was published in 1970. The song was first introduced as an instrumental piece in the 1970 film, Love[...]

It's Clay and Rubin!

Did you go to the last tour by Clay and Ruben? I was lucky to see it. You would love the show! Be sure to go to the tour. I fee[...]

Clay Aiken - Getting Ready For A New Tour!

Hi Everyone! What a crazy summer this has been for Clay Aiken News Network. I thank you all for your patience. Year 2023 has been crazy for us, [...]