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Clay Aiken - You Just Have To Laugh!

The Year: 1923 The Song: Who's Sorry Now? The composers: Ted Snyder, Bert Kalmer and Harry Ruby. This song was originally recorded by[...]

Clay Aiken - Heartfelt Lyrics and Loads of Passion

I Can't Make You Love Me Turn down the lights, turn down the bedTurn down these voices inside my headLay down with me, tell me no [...]

Clay Aiken - Celebrating 20 Years!

It all started in Atlanta, Georgia on January 28th, 2003, when millions of people were introduced to a skinny redhead who wore glasses and had a [...]

Clay Aiken - We Can All Make A Difference!

What Do You Know About UNICEF? UNICEF was created to work with others to overcome the obstacles that poverty, violence, disease and discrimina[...]

Clay Aiken - Celebrate The Year of The Rabbit

Today is New Years Eve on the Chinese calendar so... The Year of the Rabbit on the Chinese calendar begins today... Sunday, January 22[...]

Clay Aiken - A Great Song For The Weekend!

On June 21, 2010, Clay Aiken performed in a concert called Bringing Broadway Home. It was held at the Raleigh Memorial Auditorium. The evening wa[...]

Clay Aiken - Anything But A Cat!

~ Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms. Clay Aiken has had many experiences with many differen[...]

Clay Aiken - "Clay Nailed The Song"

Clay Aiken has performed all around the USA - Sometimes it is "a beautiful concert" Then sometimes it is a political song to start the event. It[...]

Clay Aiken - A Broadway Debut

Arthur: I am your king!Woman: Well I didn’t vote for you! ~From Spamalot ~~~~~ For some reason I smile when January 18th comes around.  [...]

Clay Aiken - Two Talented Musicians

American Idol Season 2 - It was the most watched and closest season in the history of American Idol The second season premiered on[...]

Clay Aiken - The Measure of A Man

Civil Rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was born in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1929. He never backed down in his stand against racism. He dedic[...]

Clay Aiken - "I Never Reckoned, Second Best!

If the wind will not serve, take to the oars. ~Latin Proverb ~~~~~ This Is The Moment Last 2 Verses This is the moment -My fin[...]

Clay Aiken - A Wonderful Week-end!

I hope you are having a wonderful week-end!! It has been a difficult time for me. I live in the San Francisco area and, well, we have had a[...]

Clay Aiken - It's A Fun Friday!!!

During the summer of 2005, Clay Aiken performed around the country presenting concerts on The Jukebox Tour.  The tour was very popular and Clay s[...]

Clay Aiken - Listen To The Lyrics

Have any of you ever seen the musical, Stop The World – I Want To Get Off ?  This show introduced a very special song to the world. Written [...]

Clay Aiken - 14th Anniversary

Today is Wednesday, January 11th. To most people it is just another day, but for CANN…. well… Today is the 14th Anniversary of CANN! Yes...[...]

Clay Aiken - Did You Watch?

Did you watch Clay Aiken In American Idol - season 2 Today, we are looking back many years!!  Oh,MY!! Season II of American Idol was unique[...]

Clay Aiken - Wit and Wisdom

Some people make the world more special just by being in it. ~ Kelly Ann Rothaus Clay Aiken is a fascinating man. We are lucky that Cla[...]

Clay Aiken - A Thumbs-Up

What do you do when something deserves a lot of approval?  Some people jump for joy and some might even turn a few cartwheels, but for most [...]

Clay Aiken - "Shall We Dance?"

I think that Clay Aiken is the only one who says he can't dance.  Just take a look! Dance:  – verb (used without object) 1. t[...]