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Clay Aiken - RIP Sweet Raleigh

A companion is gone but the memory lives on.  We are all sorry to hear about Raleigh. He will be missed. Please take a moment and think of Clay[...]

Clay Aiken - Pop Music Hit of The Year!

  What were you doing in 1968? If you were around at that time, you probably heard one of the biggest pop music hits of the year. Written by Mike d’[...]

Clay Aiken - The Master Chef?

I was watching Master Chef on TV last night. It made me think! Is Clay a cook? Have you ever tried to make blue food? Sounds a bit odd doesn’t it? W[...]

Clay Aiken - It's Almost Summer!

The Summer of 2005................A wonderful time for fans of Clay Aiken. It was the summer of... The JukeBox Tour Running from July 27th to Septe[...]

Clay Aiken - A Part of the Disney Family

Proud of Your Boy was an important song to the staff of the movie musical, Aladdin. It was written by Howard Ashman and Alan Menkin, the composing d[...]

Clay Aiken - A Favorite Event

Clay Aiken has done many things in the month of June.  One of my favorites events in June was Clay’s appearance on Good Morning America on June 1st[...]

Clay Aiken Appreciates His Fans

Weekends are a bit like rainbows; they look good from a distance but disappear when you get up close to them. ~John Shirley ~~~~~ I spent some tim[...]

Clay Aiken - It Made Me Smile

OK...Think...Think back to the last week of June, 2003.  What was the number one song during the last week of June - 2003? The number one song was T[...]

Clay Aiken - A Huge Hit

Three distinguished music writers collaborated together to pen the Clay Aiken hit, I Survived You. This piece of music was a huge hit when it was pe[...]

Clay Aiken - Hello June

June is the sixth month of the year. Did you Know That..... The YMCA was organized in London on June 6, 1844. United Nations Charter was signed by d[...]

Clay Aiken - Update

I wanted to let all of the CANN readers know that musicfan continues to improve.  So many good healing thoughts coming are on their way! Here's anoth[...]

Clay Aiken - A Little of This, a Little of That

Welcome to day two of me attempting to substitute for musicfan I've got some bits and pieces to address, so let's go! Frist and most importantly, mus[...]

Clay Aiken - Host Extraordinaire!

Hey all, it's Sue subbing for musicfan.  Let's all hope that she's feeling ready to take back the helm very soon!   It looks like Clay Aiken will be [...]

Clay Aiken - Capture The Good Times!

A thank you to the entertainment site, Pop Eater who published some wonderful pictures of Clay Aiken in 2010.  Clay was busy promoting his up-coming[...]

Clay Aiken - ...To Be Heard?

What do I do to make you want me?What I got to do to be heard?What do I say when it's all over?Sorry seems to be the hardest word. ~~~~~ Sorry Seems[...]

Two Talented People!

It is always fun to look back at some of the tour highlights from Clay Aiken and Quiana.  Do you remember these performances? On July 23, 2007, Cla[...]

Clay Aiken - Happy Spring

Happy  Spring!  March 20, 2021 We celebrate the vernal equinox which means soon flowers will bloom. Has anyone ever told you that you can balance a [...]

Clay Aiken - Hurrah For Weekends!

Good friends are like stars.  You don't always see them, but you know they're always there.  ~ Unknown Do you remember this tour? I hope all [...]

Clay Aiken - A Beautiful Message

In April of 2016, Clay Aiken left a lovely message on his Facebook page: You know what? It's taken me 14 years to realize it... I DID WIN! No final[...]

Clay Aiken - Finding A Star

  American Idol, Season II was full of surprises.  It was an exciting time for the performers and the audience The third elimination night was one [...]