Were You Watching?

February 7, 2004……….Where were you?? Where was Clay Aiken??

If you were an avid fan of Clay, you were probably at home watching TV with your lap-top handy. There was so much excitement in the air. This was a special night because Clay Aiken was making his debut on the popular show, Saturday Night Live.

For days, the internet had buzzed with discussions about the show. The promos for the show were being shown often on TV and it looked like Clay would be more than just a musical performer on the show. Do you remember the Janet Jackson spoof??

Saturday Night Live Promo

Saturday Night Live Promo

Clay Aiken

Clay Aiken

As the show finally got underway, we were introduced to Clay in a great montage of the guests.

Then, Megan Mullally started her monologue where she stated that she refused to be typecast in her role on Will and Grace. She sang and danced with the male cast and who jumped in at the end, but Clay Aiken, dressed in a white tux and singing up a storm.

Grand Entrance

Grand Entrance

Ruben, indeed!

Ruben, indeed!

Clay sang twice on the show. His rendition of Invisible was strong and exciting and his performance of The Way was beautiful and sensual.

A highlight of the evening was the skit about relatives and their attempt to gain access to the Grammy Awards. Each relative was turned away except for Clay’s character who only needed to wink to get into the show.



The Wink Always Wins!!!

The Wink Always Wins!!!

The reviews of the evening from both the fans and the critics were very positive and the show was a great success. Many Clay Aiken fans are looking forward to another guest appearance from Clay. Besides his wonderful voice, his comedic timing and acting would add to any episode of Saturday Night Live.

SNL-The Way
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Grammy Skit
[stream flv=x:/www.claynewsnetwork.com/media/040207_SNL_GrammySkit.flv img=x:/www.claynewsnetwork.com/media/skit.jpg embed=false share=false width=400 height=300 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false /]

[stream flv=x:/www.claynewsnetwork.com/media/SNL_Invisible_large.flv img=x:/www.claynewsnetwork.com/media/invisible.jpg embed=false share=false width=400 height=300 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false /]

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16 thoughts on “Were You Watching?

  1. SNL was a really fun night. The show has seen better days, but it is still a high point for many performers.

  2. I wish I had been able to follow his career closely in those early years. Real life kept me from discovering the network of fans that had collected such great memories and had developed a way of spreading news that would make CNN jealous!! Thanks to that, I don’t feel like I’ve missed a thing! *except the time frame in which I sat at my computer discovering it*

  3. I watched!! It was the first time I’d watched SNL for a very long time and it was also the last time I watched SNL LOL!!!!

    I can stay up late for one person and one person only 🙂 Mr. Aiken

  4. Oh, how I LOVED seeing him on SNL. The show is not to my taste, but I made an exception the night he was on – will do so again if they are smart enough to have him return.

    By the way, I also LOVE the banner pictures across the top of the sight. What a great progression in the way his looks have matured over the years.

    Keep up the good work here!! 🙂

  5. WOW! Thanks for all of there memories! Clay did such a great job on SNL! I can’t believe they never had him back!

  6. Loved him on SNL!! Woke up yesterday thinking that it was five years ago that he was on. Just watched the “Aiken Wink” skit again–so cute. He should host SNL–people who haven’t seen him in a while would be amazed at his talent.

  7. That SNL version of “The Way” was possibly my favorite few moments in the history of teevee! But my YouTube of it lasted only about 5 minutes. So SO glad suerue found “A Way”…

  8. If I recall correctly, Clay did something to the mic stand during “The Way” that sure did something to me.

  9. I just loved rewatching this. Yep the wink gets me too. Thanks suerue for putting this up. Great job on this new site. Kudos.

  10. I wasnt around in “the” day of SNL but I’ve certainly caught up since. Funny thing is, all these years later, he looks the same cute, spiky haired gorgeous guy we saw back then!!

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