Clay Aiken – The Disco King

When I think of Disco Music, I don’t usually think of Clay Aiken.  But, maybe I should.  He really sang brilliantly on April 1, 2003 when the theme for American Idol was Disco Music.

For Disco Night, Clay sang “Everlasting Love.”  He hit a note that was 14 seconds long and wowed the judges.  Dressed in a shiny disco shirt and light brown pants, Clay’s outfit was stylish for the Disco theme.

Randy thought that Clay was “brilliant”.  Paula said his voice was golden and Simon???  Well, Simon thought it was terrible.  So, what’s new?

The guest judge for the night was Verdeen White from Earth, wind and Fire.  He was impressed by Clay.  He said; “Man, you can sing, you got chops man!”

The performances for the night were an interesting combination of Disco and Pop.  Some of the Idols pulled it off, but some just didn’t get it.

The following is a list of the performers and the songs they sang.

  1. Ricky Smith – “Let’s Groove Tonight”
  2. Carmen Rasmusen – “Turn The Beat Around”
  3. Kimberly Caldwell – “Knock on Wood”
  4. Clay Aiken – ” Everlasting Love”
  5. Trenyce – “I’m Every woman”
  6. Ruben Studdard – “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love”
  7. Kimberley Locke – “It’s Raining Men”
  8. Joshua Gracin – “Celebration”

Corey Clark did not perform on this night.  Ryan Seacrest announced that Corey had been released because he did not disclose that he had been arrested.

The evening closed with Ryan chatting with the Idols backstage.  He asked Clay about Simon’s bizarre critique.  Clay said, “It’s a little disappointing that there is some discrepancy between Tandy, Paula and Simon.  I respect his opinion; he knows what he is talking about….most of the time.”

The next night was the Disco Results show.  All the contestants were very busy as there were many performances.  The first group performance was “A Night To Remember.”  Then the audience was shown some video of what the Idols were doing during the week.  There was footage of the contestants watching the President’s talk on TV and then they showed a clip of the Idols recording “God Bless the U.S.A.”  Another clip showed the singers getting “beauty” treatments.  They all seemed to enjoy the manicures and massages.

Back to the business of the show, the bottom 3 contestants were revealed.  Trenyce, Kimberly Caldwell and Carmen Rasmussen were all standing nervously in the middle of the stage.

Of course, there is always a twist on American Idol shows and this night was no different.  After scaring the young ladies, Ryan announced that because Corey left, no one else will be voted off.  That left three very happy ladies and one unhappy Simon Cowell.

At the end of the program, the Idols performed one more group number.  Their performance of “Boogie Woogie Wonderland” was fun and lively.

Another week of Season 2 of American Idol and Clay is still smiling and singing from his heart.   Congratulations to Clay and all the season 2 Idols.  They put on a great show!

We have two videos for you to see.

Everlasting Love


Group performances


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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – The Disco King

  1. Great memories….Clay can sing anything…and always better than the original…without being over the top….I never tire of his voice…ever!!!!!

    Let's hope once he is all healed with the TMJ, that he will get back to entertaining us and singing….I have no doubt, but he needs to heal first…. I think we'll give him that…!! hahaha



  2. I giggled the entire time I was putting those group performances together. Boogie Wonderland is priceless!! He’s come a long way baby!! The man can MOVE now LOL!!

    Fun memories 😀

  3. Clay was so hot singing Everlasting Love. Leave it up to Simon to diss it. Well, everyone else loved it and they loved Clay. I also loved the group song…cool.

  4. I loved that Disco night – Clay was Amazing,
    one of my favorite nights love that song, I just don’t get Simon.

    Also I loved the group, that year was the best AI ever!

    Thanks, for the great memories!

  5. Love going back and watching season 2. Their group numbers were so good. Clay has learned a lot about dancing since then. I couldn’t take my off of him then and I still can’t. LOL!

  6. Clay Aiken – the new Saturday Night Fever King! Seriously though, I LOVED the clips and can never tire of seeing them!

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