Clay is America’s Winner

Clay Aiken

Clay Aiken

Are you watching American Idol?  If so, are you ready for the Wildcard Show?  Tonight, 8 young talents are attempting to sing their way into the Top 12 of American Idol, Season 8.

The Wildcard shows were a highlight in Season 2.  Nine singers performed on the first night and the following evening, four of the contestants were chosen to join the Top 12.

Randy Jackson chose Kimberly Caldwell even through he said he was still waiting for her to perform up to her potential.  Kim is a beautiful young woman and it has been suggested that she was chosen for her image as much as her voice.

Paula chose Trenyce.  Few people were surprised as she sang well and was dynamic in her presentation.

Simon talked about a unique voice and surprised the audience by naming Carmen Rasmussen as his pick.  Carmen looked shocked as Simon had told her the night before that she was not good enough to make it.

The last pick of the night was “America’s Choice.”  The six remaining contestants sat together on the sofa and looked very nervous.  Ryan slowly announced a….contestant….by….the….name….of….Clay Aiken.  After hugging everyone and composing himself with a deep breath, Clay preceded to sing beautifully.  Then he mouthed to the camera, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Simon declared that his performance was the best one of the show and Randy said, “You so deserve it.”

The American public got it right.  They gave Clay the opportunity to shine and he became the star we all love.

We have three videos of this night.  The first is the announcement of “America’s Choice.”  Second, is Clay’s performance from the night and the last is the entire Top 12.




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16 thoughts on “Clay is America’s Winner

  1. I guess the truth is that I watch AI every year hoping for moments like these…a talent like that..but it just ain’t happenin’. Clay was and is amazing.

  2. It was a happy night when Clay was chosen by America. I understand he had well over half the votes that night and continued to dominate the votes each week. When you hear him sing there is no doubt he has a unique voice–even if a person doesn’t like his music, they have to admit he has talent in spades.

  3. Not before and not since then, has anyone on AI been as unique and captivating as Clay. They keep bringing up his name, telling others they are like Clay, but no one and nothing comes close to the real Clay! That’s the main reason they won’t have him on again! He steals the show.

  4. I’m just loving going back and looking at all these wonderful videos of Clay again, makes you realize just how one of a kind he is. I don’t think they’ll ever find anyone like him again, he is the one to beat. Not gonna happen.

  5. Definitely America’s choice and my choice, he continues to be #1 in the hearts of many. A voice like no other since, and that’s a fact.

  6. Only 130,000 votes out of 24 million votes difference with jammed phone lines, Led the voting every week. Sparked the frenzy that became American Idol now in my opinion.

  7. It was so nice to view those videos again.
    America did get it right by picking Clay. He is simply the best and always will be.

  8. This sure brings back memories. I held my breath waiting to find out if Clay was going to make it on wildcard night. I was thrilled that he was America’s choice and I couldn’t stop grinning! In fact, as I write this, I find myself smiling again!

  9. This is so great…God I love watching these over and over again…..

    There is definately no one…and I mean no one like Clay…They can try all they want to hype who they want on AI…but they all fall short….. Clay’s voice was amazing back then, and is even more so now….


  10. Clay was amazing back then and he is still amazing today. His voice ia stunning and speaks to my heart every time I hear him sing. Thanks for the memories.

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