Clay Aiken Interviewed By Donny Osmond

ET Online has a video of some backstage activities from Saturday night.  It is nice to see David Foster talk about all the talented musicians that joined him for his show, “David Foster and Friends,” held at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas.

A highlight of the video is an interview of Clay Aiken with Donny Osmond.  Take a look.  It is fun.

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41 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Interviewed By Donny Osmond

  1. As fgs said above respect begats respect. Clay Aiken is very fun to interview when the interviewers know the parameters. Personal life is just that.

  2. Awwwww….so cute. Poor Clay, everybody visits to see his adorable, beautiful baby, and even his mother is there for the baby now. He is so funny…I luv interviews with him, he is a riot.

  3. When Clay AIken is interviewed by someone with a good sense of humor, intelligence, and class, you always get a fun interview! Leave the agenda at home and just enjoy the man!

  4. Nice interview of Clay with Donny. Interesting how if the interviewer is respectful Clay is a lot more open. Agree with you tnmtmama.

  5. Great interview!!! Clay Aiken has a wonderful sense of humor and an amazing heart (not to mention that VOICE)

    Donny Osmond did a great job interviewing Clay.

  6. Loved that interview. Ya know Donny Osmond is one of the nicest people…so nice to have him interview Clay. Respect garners respect. Clay is so cute when he says he doesn’t get any attention any more. HaHaHaHa!! That’ll be the Day!

  7. David Foster and Clay Aiken make amazing music when they get together. I hope we see more collaborations in the future.

  8. Great interview of Clay Aiken by Donny Osmond. They have been friends for a few years. Clay was being funny about his little boy, but loves the attention Parker is receiving.

  9. Now there’s an interviewer! I love that interview! It looks like they were both having such a good time and Clay got to be himself!

  10. Love seeing Clay Aiken being himself. He has a great sense of humor and those who know him know it. Great interview by Donny. I loved the part where David Foster says: “I love great singers. You will not find a singer on this show that is not a great singer. Every single one of them is spectacular.”

  11. Clay Aiken being interviewed by Donny Osmond is such a fun interview to watch! They are hilarious together. Thanks for sharing this video of them!

  12. Clay Aiken never fails to amuse! I was a big Donny fan in my youth. The comment to Donny about Clay having Marie on his wall was to funny. =) I love both of these guys!!

  13. Now that was fun. Donny did a great job of interviewing Clay…and they were enjoying themselves…laughing…

    Here are 2 good men…


  14. Thanks for sharing this video with us , I really enjoyed it! Clay was so funny when he said that Parker gets all the attention now!!
    I also love Donny Osmond.

  15. Thanks for a wonderful video and blog… what a great place you have here.. I love coming to find out the latest news about Clay Aiken!!

  16. Awww…….Donnie did a very nice interview with Clay Aiken and David Foster. I wish I could have attended that show.

  17. I’m still in heaven over Clay Aiken’s performance in Las Vegas. What a treat to see him interviewed by Donny Osmond too!!

  18. Cute interview with Clay Aiken and Donny Osmond – two really nice guys.

    And they are not too hard on the eyes, either!! 🙂

  19. I hope Clay Aiken collaborates with David Foster or Donny Osmond or someone else from the David Foster & Friends event.

  20. Now that’s how an interview should go. Two VERY GOOD LOOKING MEN!!!!There really is a SPECIAL LIGHT that shines around Clay, and that Voice is Mesmerizing, he also has a GREAT SENSE OF HUMOR. Kudos to Clay on how he handles his life. So proud of him!!!

  21. Clay Aiken is very articulate and speaks from his heart. He meets more celebrities all the time, I wonder if he met Cher?

  22. Love..Love..that video. Now, that’s what I call an interview. He was interviewed by the best too. Loved when Clay said he had Marie up on his wall and Donny said he had Farrah on his wall. Then Donny said, Mine’s better! I just love that big laugh that Clay had at the end.

  23. That was a good interview. Both guys seemed relaxed and happy. I’d love to hear them sing together sometime.

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