Clay Aiken Talks With Larry Flick

Larry Flick is a radio host on Sirius Radio.  His weekday show is The Morning Jolt.  It offers many genres of music and high-profile interviews with many celebrities.  The program also takes calls from listeners.

On the weekend, Larry hosts a music-driven show called Feel The Spin.  The show airs on Sundays fro 2-4pm EST.  Larry tries to present a balanced show, featuring music from current pop to classics.

Larry worked for Billboard for 14 years.  He worked his way up from being a part-time assistant to a senior talent editor.

On Sunday, Clay Aiken was a guest on Feel The Spin. Larry, who has a reputation of not always being the nicest man on his shows, shocked the Clay fans by conducting one of the best interviews with Clay ever.

The segment started with Unchained Melody from Tried and True.  Not a bad way to get started.  Larry spent almost 45 minutes talking to Clay.  Both men seemed relaxed and seemed to enjoy the conversation.  The first half of the interview was a discussion of the new album and working with Decca.  Clay and Larry also talked about Decca, song choice, and recording in Europe.

The second half of the article was an interesting conversation about Clay’s personal life.  Being a gay man, Larry seemed to understand much of what Clay has gone through in his life as he traveled a difficult path to where he is now.  Clay was upfront and seemed comfortable as he chatted and joked about life as a gay man.

The response from Clay fans was extraordinary.  So many commented on how relaxed the conversation was and how much information was talked about in a short time.  The following are a few comments that were posted on the net:

That was the best interview ever!

I think Larry truly was bowled over by how entertaining and down to earth Clay was. He said more than once…I could talk to you for hours.

This was by far the best interview Clay has ever done and LF was a wonderful interviewer. They just seemed to hit it off great.

That was the most insightful, heart wrenching, laying his life out to the public interview Clay has ever done. I’m so emotional and have such feelings right now. I admire him so much…..

I just loved the interview. At times he had me laughing and other times I wanted to cry for him. He indeed is one special person and I will continue to support him in all he does. (Even if he does not like Touch)

Clay needs to write another book. Yes, I’d run to buy it. He’s just so clever and intelligent, and he has a lot to say that could help a lot of people.

Yes it was a great interview. The interviewer was respectful and gave Clay time to answer his questions. So many of the ones who have interviewed him don’t give him time to complete his answer and jump right into the next question.

Wonderful interview! He sounded more relaxed and candid than we’ve ever heard him. He felt completely at ease with Larry, who asked intelligent questions, and could relate.
It was obvious he was a fan of Clay’s, not just pretending to like him.

One thing that worked was there was enough time to talk candidly, without watching the clock, as many interviewers have to do. It probably also helped that he, himself, was gay so he could relate to what Clay had to go through.

I wish everyone could have the time to get such an interesting, candid interview and get to know the real Clay, as Larry did. Love when he admitted he could talk to him for hours.

The Claynation let Larry know how much they enjoyed the interview.  Did you see the tweets from Larry?

And, for the record, there are other pop stars whose fans can learn a lesson about manners from Clay-mates.
about 2 hours ago via web

It’s less than 2 hours since my interview with Clay Aiken has aired, and I have been BOMBARDED by Clay-mates showing love. Wow.
about 2 hours ago via web

If you haven’t had a chance to hear this wonderful interview, you can download it at ClackUnlimited and hear the entire program.  Please don’t forget that you need to download…..don’t play if from the site.     CLACKUNLIMITED

You can now listen to the interview by clicking here:
OutQ Interview

If you want to add your thanks to Larry, you can e-mail him at:

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19 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Talks With Larry Flick

  1. I downloaded this interview after hearing it as it was broadcast. There is so much information that you must listen more than once. Clay and Larry put together the best interview Clay has ever done, and 80% of the credit goes to Larry for his interesting questions, compassion, intelligence, and humor. Clay always brings it, but so many interviewers don't want a conversation. They want to see if they can get a reaction. I have been a fan of Clay Aiken for 7 years. Now I'm a fan of Larry Flick, too.

  2. Thanks for the recap! I listened to the interview and that is one of the best interviews I've ever heard. Maybe it was the conversational manner it was done in, maybe it was that Larry Flick's way of asking questions so that it's not confrontational. I'd like to hear some of his other interviews if they're all this good.

  3. I went to CLACKUNLIMITED and was able to listen to the entire interview without having to download it. It was awesome. So, everyone, go check it out.

  4. I listened to the interview and in my opinion it was indeed the best one yet. Like you said, often questions are asked and not enough time is given to Clay for the answer. Clay is a very intelligent and funny man…Larry Flick did an outstanding job.

  5. Welcome Larry Flick to the Clay fandom! A skilled interviewer with an intelligent man. Couldn't be better.

  6. What an amazing interview….The best one ever… I've never heard Clay more candid, open and more at ease…Thank you so much for posting this here CANN…. This is definately a Keeper!!!!

  7. Thanks to Larry for a GREAT interview!!! Clay always brings it, it just took an interviewer who is intelligent, compassionate, funny and actually listens to get one of the best interviews I've ever heard. 🙂 Thanks Larry and thanks Clay, for just being your typical charming self

  8. This was a great interview. I think one of the best in the last 7 years. Clay was so relaxed and funny. The exchange between Clay and Larry was refreshing. Kudos to Larry.

  9. I have come to have a lot of admiration and respect for Clay Aiken and how he deals with adversity with seemingly little bitterness. His thoughtfulness and caring for others is obvious in his past endeavors. I wish his beautiful voice was all he needed to carry him forward – but until we have a huge societal change, he will still face some hard knocks along the way. He has more than paid his dues and has earned his place as a beautiful vocalist, wonderful entertainer and humanitarian. I wish him the absolute best in all that life offers – and thank you Larry Flick for your professionalism, and your ability to offer to us one of the best interviews ever!!

  10. I d/l that interview so fast. That was an interesting 45 minutes. I loved how Larry talked with Clay and made him feel so at home. They were even funny at times. So glad that Clay is so happy in his own skin now. I think I will go listen to it one more time. Must not miss anything..ya know!

  11. Larry's interview was, as most Clay Aiken fans agree, the absolute best and top interview of all that he has given. Why? Because it was interesting, non-confrontational, and relaxed. The relaxed part reminds me of Clay's "Tried And True" album — an aural gem! Hope Larry's listeners give it a try and purchase it.

  12. What a great interview! Both Clay Aiken and Larry Flick were relaxed and both seemed to really enjoy their conversation. All of Clay’s recent interviews have been really good, but this one is the best I’ve ever heard.

  13. An awesome interview, have never heard anything like it from other radio interviews or TV appearances. Genuine, insightful, refreshing, respectful and fun!

  14. I listened to the interview 3 times so far and I know I will listen to it again. I've heard nearly every interview Clay has ever done and this one ranks as one of the best if not the best ever.

  15. What happened to Clay Aiken? I loved him on American Idol and afterwards because he seemed like such a sweet person who loved God and his Mama. When did he start using terrible language? It seems very juvenile to me. I am disappointed in him.

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