Clay Aiken – Tuesday’s Busy Schedule

Good Morning America

If you watched Good Morning America on Tuesday morning, you had the opportunity to see Clay Aiken.   Clay fans were excited about hearing Clay sing and chat about the album.

There were many Clay fans in the audience and some of them had their cameras filming some of the activities that happened in the background.  One of the captivating videos shows Clay making friends with some of the exotic animals that were visiting the set.   Thank you to the fans for sharing this on YouTube.

It looks like the Aiken household needs more pets at their home!

Joy Behar Show

Did you watch Clay on the Joy Behar show on Tuesday evening?  Although there was not enough time, Clay and Joy had a great conversation and covered many subjects.  I particularly enjoyed Clays description of Simon Cowell.

If you enjoyed seeing Joy and Clay chat, why not leave a message for her.  Perhaps Joy will ask Clay to be a panel  member for one segment.  I would love to hear Clay talk about some of the news of the day.  You can comment HERE

The following are some great screen caps  from Tuesday nights show.

Tried & True Review – Herald Dispatch

Angela Henderson write a blog titled Idol Chit-Chat for the Herald Dispatch.  On June 1st, she wrote a wonderful review of the album.  Please make sure you visit the site and let Ms. Henderson know how much you appreciate her exciting review.

Idol Chit Chat

Clay Aiken CD Review: “Tried and True” and Perfectly Suited

I’ve kind of gained a reputation among some of my friends as the go-to-person when it comes to putting together music for certain events. I painstakingly try and match the music perfectly to the occasion and the audience in attendance.

But when the event calls for light and jazzy, I admit I struggle. It’s hard to find the right combination of subtle, yet not depressing or annoying.

Well now I’m happy to report that dilemma has been solved forever. Because the next time someone makes that request for their event, I will simply present them with a copy of Clay Aiken’s latest, “Tried and True.” It really is the perfect mix for that jazzy evening with a good combination of slow and fast songs.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed that Clay decided to do a CD of classics instead of a new pop CD. But when he’s this perfectly suited for these songs, it’s hard to argue. Clearly Clay understands his audience and they’re going to love this one. The CD has a big band sound throughout that suits Clay’s voice perfectly. And that voice is in fine form as Clay tackles “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You,” “What Kind of Fool Am I?” (featuring David Sanborn), “It’s Only Make Believe,” “Misty,” “Mack the Knife,” “It’s Impossible,” “Unchained Melody,” “There’s a Kind of Hush” and “Moon River” (featuring Vince Gill). He also turns the Roy Orbison classic, “Crying,” into a gorgeous duet with Broadway star Linda Eder. Plus he takes on my dad’s favorite Elvis song, “Suspicious Minds.” And in case, you’re wondering, yes, I am already trying to turn it into my dad’s ringtone.

The deluxe edition of the CD includes “Who’s Sorry Now” and “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do” plus a DVD with a live performance of “Build Me Up Buttercup” and other clips from Clay’s PBS special, which is scheduled to premiere later this month.

Now in the interest of full disclosure, I should probably confess that I would listen to Clay sing the phone book. So I’m probably not the most objective person when it comes to reviewing this CD. But I have to believe that even a non-Claymate would find something to like about this one.

“Tried and True” is now available in stores and online…

Reviews On Decca

It is important to give Decca some positive feed-back on Tried & True.  They did such a great job on this beautiful album and they deserve a thank you from us.  So, why not post a review on the Decca site.  The more buzz we can create, the better it is for Clay!



The View

Don’t forget to tune into The View on Wednesday morning.

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  1. I think the Joy Behar interview is now my favorite Clay Aiken interview ever. He was so funny! I wish they could have had more time – maybe Joy will do a Part 2? We can hope!

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