Clay Aiken – Weekend Work

Many fans of Clay Aiken have a lot of work to do this week-end.  With the plethora of photographs of Clay that have surfaced this week, right-click – save became the word of the day!  So……the week-end just might include some labeling, sorting and downloading to DVD’s.  Does that sound like what you will be doing?

From reading the Clay Aiken message boards, fans are laughing at all the articles about Clay “asking” to be a judge on American Idol.   When you check on google, you see sites from CNN to The New York Daily News to every entertainment blog and magazine around.  It is funny to see an innocent remark blown way out of the real context.  Too bad that real reporting and research isn’t done anymore.  The good thing……… certainly gets Clay’s name out there and, in most cases, they do mention his new album and the Timeless Tour with Ruben Studdard.

Curtis Brown Photography is the official photographer for the North Carolina Theatre and the Hot Summer Nights.  Mr. Brown is a respected photographer in the Raleigh area who combines his passion for photography with his love of the theatre and dance.  He took many pictures at the Bringing  Broadway Back concert on Monday night.  The photos are under copyright so we cannot post them here.  However, if you want to see some wonderful pictures of each of the performers from the concert, you can see them at his website.  CURTISBROWN

As always, we try to bring you all the Clay Aiken news as quickly as we can.  Please check in for the latest happenings!

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  1. Thanks for the fun this morning.
    The professional photos are great. However, Clay fans are spoiled. Our clack gatherers are so good and their pictures good too.

    It sure has been a good week!!

  2. Musicfan,

    Thank you for your up-to-date reporting of Clay Aiken news. The new banner reflects some of the new clack fans are celebrating … downloading, sorting, labeling, etc.

    Have a great weekend!


  3. Milwaukee's public tv stations have not as yet indicated they would air Clay's program. Google pbs-Milwaukee and you can leave a request at WPTV All Wisconsin fans would be so grateful.

  4. This has been a great week for Clay fans. I love the BBH and the Popeater video. Thanks for posting the link to all those wonderful pictures of him. I am excited and looking so forward to the tour.

  5. It is a good day to say thank you to CANN for all the work you do. I check this everyday for all the info about Clay I could ask for. Not to mention fantastic pictures and videos. It is a good thing that Clay has such amazing clack gatherers. We don't seem to miss a thing. Thank you!!! 🙂

  6. This is an exciting time to be a Clay fan. I can't wait for the PBS special and the tour, and whatever else comes next!! Thanks for the blog and the link to the Curtis Brown photos.

  7. What a fun week! Those Magic Moments tops it off for me! Whipped cream with a cherry on top please! Thank you for this blog! All those who mention Clay wanting to be a judge on AI need a factchecker! LOL. Cant wait to see Clay live again.

  8. I was up until 2 am last night thanks to all the new Clack we got this week. It's been a really great week to be a Clay fan.

  9. LOVE the new banner!!! GORGEOUS!!! If it wasn't so sad, I'd laugh at the media (some sites included "I would LOVE to judge on American Idol" in direct quotes). Loving all the new photos and videos but, like any good Clay fan, I want MORE!!!!! Happy weekend all!

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