The Many Looks of Clay Aiken

In the last few weeks, we have been lucky to see Clay Aiken in so many wonderful photographs.ย  Each time, the outfits have been varied and fun.

Lets take this Sunday to relax and choose our favorite outfit on Clay.ย  Remember, this is the outfit, not the smile, not the event, not the sparkling eyes…..oh……this is going to be hard!!

Pleaseย  leave a comment to let us know what picture you chose and why!








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23 thoughts on “The Many Looks of Clay Aiken

  1. Looks like my vote hasn't registered yet . I'll give it a try later. Meanwhile it was a difficult choice between #4 – classic & casual, and #5 – country look but new for Clay. Final decision is #4. Why? I love the rich color of the jacket and it appears to be very comfortable and macho. It suits Clay's coloring to a "T". Finally – it's just simply beautiful – like Clay.

  2. Oh, if I have to choose a favorite, I will say #5. I love the attentive look on his face. Tomorrow ask me again and I will give you a different answer. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. They're all great picture of him, but my favorite is probably #6. He looks very thoughtful, a little sad, and like he is listening to someone with an understanding heart. Clay is a handsome man.

  4. Love them all, but I'll have to go with #5 because it's a different look for Clay and he looks very comfortable and playful wearing the outfit. He looks absolutely great in all the other pictures, too!! Difficult choice to make!

  5. This was really a rough decision to make. How do you choose from perfection, perfection, perfection, etc? I finally went with the relaxed Clay in the leather jacket. I almost chose suspenders and the loose bow tie in white sport jacket. Clay just looks so natural and relaxed and every day Clay in the leather jacket. I guess if I were going to be with him for a day I would love that look, but hey Id take him even if he wasnt wearing any of them….(snark)

  6. Tough choice but I had to go with #4. #5 is adorable but not something that says "Clay" to me. Have I a clue what I'm talking about? Nope, I love them all but casual Clay is my kind of guy!

  7. Clayann -They are all great pictures, but I love all the PBS Special photos. My vote went to number 3. I like clean-shaven and short hair. I know I am in the minority on this one. He is so handsome in all the pics, but my favorite look and pic is # 3.

  8. This is a really hard choice…but I chose #1. Clay looks sophisticated, yet casual… Clay can wear a suit beautifully…


  9. Tough choice, but I picked #4. Clay just looks so comfortable in that outfit. I love the casual look. Of course, I love ALL the outfits, but we could only pick one!

  10. I love every single solitary look that Clay has ever had (except that one…..). However, I chose #5 – he looked absolutely stunning, relaxed, happy, gorgeous during that interview and I cannot wait to see it!!!! BRING IT ON!!!!!

  11. I voted for suspender Clay as he is so sexu in that but I did like the brown letter jacket one, so laid back and natural.

  12. I love his stance in #1 , the beautiful hair in # 7 and the smack-me-in-the-face gorgeousness of #5 . It's like asking a mama to chose among her children … okay , not exactly like that but you know what I mean . ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. I voted for #5 because he looked so comfortable and gorgeous. I also liked #7 because that is one classy jacket he is wearing.

  14. I liked #1 & #2. Would have liked to see more of #5. Saw him in #3 for the PBS taping and it was not a good outfit. I think maybe it was leather, but the lights shown off it in an awkward way. We'll have to see how it looks on TV.

  15. I just had to pick #7. There was just something about him in this outfit. For one thing, loved the hair and that jacket is just too classy. Maybe it had something to do with Those Magic Changes that he sang so well. I really also liked #5 the suspender look. He looked so sexy and young looking in this one.

  16. This was the toughest poll yet. I had to stare at each photo over and over and over before I decided. Actually it wasn't a tough job after all. ๐Ÿ˜€

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