Clay Aiken – Fans Are Excited!

This week has been a very exciting time for the fans of Clay Aiken.  First, Clay participated in the Bringing Back Broadway concert on Monday night.  Then, Thursday,  AOL/Popeater published their “Day In The Life Of Clay Aiken” on the web.

There has been videos, pictures and interviews and many fans are still collecting as much “Clack” as they can.  Have you run out of storage on your computer yet?

One of Clay’s fans posted the following about the PBS special.  I am posting it here.  We have added a PBS page here at CANN.  You can reach the page by clicking on the PBS tab at the top of the page.  We will keep track of the stations that have said they are broadcasting the Clay Aiken Live Special.

I wanted to jump in and help if I can on the PBS Special. As a Program Manager for the PBS station in Memphis, I volunteered to ask my colleagues around the country for their airdates for the Clay Aiken Tried & True Live special and share them with the fans. Some even gave me their pledge phone number. It is a little early for some August schedules to be complete and many stations hold their pledge drives in September. I have listed the airdate info I’ve collected this week below and I will come back often to update it. Many of you have done great already in finding out info from your local stations, so don’t stop. PBS posted tentative tour dates for Feb and Mar so a lot of stations will continue to pledge the program in December and March. Please remember to support Clay’s generous gift to public television by making a donation to your local station. As we all know, they have great CD’s and DVD’s to offer as thank you gifts, and in some cities, concert tickets too!

When I read the red section, it makes me think that we might be seeing Clay live again in February and March.  Is that how you read it?

I am going to post a few more wonderful pictures today.  You can never have too many Clay Aiken pictures!!

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9 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Fans Are Excited!

  1. Is he not gorgeous? This week has been so much fun!!! and we're less than 30 days away from the start of the Timeless Tour!!! Also, just to let people know, there's a Bringing Broadway Home playlist posted under the Video menu 🙂 (with many thanks to toni7babe)

  2. Yes Clay is just too good to be true…and I can't take my eyes off of him. I the one of him with the crooked smile. He is just so handsome. I'll have to check out that Video Menu and watch off the playlist from toni7babe..I think I belong to her Video Page anyway.

  3. I have loved this week! Clay is totally a handsome and adorable man! What is not to love? I am eagerly awaiting the tour to begin,

  4. It really has been a fun week. Our boy is looking hot and sounding even better!! Can't wait for the tour and the special (please let their be more tour dates, we're waiting for him in Texas!!). I hope this is just the start of something truly amazing! Go Clay 🙂

  5. It really has been a great week for pictures….videos….well..anything Clay. The pictures from Popeater are absolutely wonderful. Clay has certainly matured into a handsome sexy man. I have a picture of Clay the 1st moment he walked out on AI….and now these pictures… Yes..time has been good to Clay..He just glows….and obviously is happy in his life right now….It's wonderful.

  6. What fun times! It seems like the older Clay gets, the better he gets – if that's possible. He's always been adorable and extremely talented, but these latest pictures and performances are breathtaking. I can't wait for what comes next!

  7. I love these pictures of Clay. He looks so handsome …. very natural, relaxed, sometimes introspective, and sometimes with that beautiful smile of his.

  8. It sure sounds like an early 2011 tour is in the works and I'm very excited about that. How great will it be for PBS to offer front row concert tickets as a pledge thank you gift.

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