Clay Aiken – Not Your Ordinary Shade of Yellow

Mustard is not your ordinary shade of yellow! Mustard has an earthiness that is like no other shade. It is similar to the color Flax.

This color was popular during the mid-1970s and is regaining popularity!!  

This summer, thanks to Clay Aiken, the color has become….HAWT!!

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13 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Not Your Ordinary Shade of Yellow

  1. I never loved mustard so much!!! Clay Aiken is so cute and sexy and…everything….that doesn't matter what color he wears I love it.

  2. Can't wait to hear Clay Aiken sing "Livin' La Vi Da Loca" in his mustard colored shirt!!

    Great new banner!!

  3. Love the banner, that cartoon character captures Clay Aiken so beautifully!
    As for the mustard color have I said how much I like mustard?xD<3
    beautiful pictures too.

  4. Gah I hate mustard yellow!! But Clay makes it sexy!!!

    Mamabear, awesome banner! You are so gifted!!!

  5. Neat banner! That mustard is beginning to grow on me! Most people would look like #&(%& in it but not our Clay. He just looks ultra cool

  6. I always did love mustard. So, Clay is so yummy in his mustard yellow shirt. The only thing I would ask for is…could it be a little smaller? Got to show off that chest of his. Lol!!!!!!

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