Clay Aiken – The Time of My Life

Saturday night, the Beau Rivage Casino in Biloxi, MS, was the site of the final Timeless Tour concert starring Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard.  How appropriate that the final song was Time of My Life as it was obvious that both the musicians and the audience had a great evening.

The end of a tour is always filled with much emotion.  The Timeless Tour was no exception.  Each musician on the stage was a part of the family and they must have felt happy, excited and proud of their accomplishments.  But, they must have also felt exhausted and ready to get some much-needed rest.

The fans are lucky.  They can relive each concert, thanks to the many people who share their expertise in camera work.  Each one who shared their talent with us deserves a standing ovation.

We have so many memories from Biloxi.  The following are only a few of the videos and pictures that are available.

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14 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – The Time of My Life

  1. Musicfan,

    "Time of My Life" was a perfect closing number for each Timeless Tour show, especially the finale. As you wrote, it summed up the evening for the performers and audience alike. Thank you for sharing the photo and video clack.

    On another note … wishing you a very Happy Birthday!


  2. Oh, yes, that was the best tour ever. They were both hilarious together. They also really rocked the place. Even though it was the last concert…we have enough clack to keep us busy for quite some time. He will be appearing in his Chicago Concert in October…and I believe, the next day is the Gala? I could be wrong…but, I do know that they are both in October. So, we will get some clack.

  3. Absolutely LOVED this tour. Am a die-hard Clay Aiken Fan but loved how well Clay and Ruben played off each other. Saw it in N.Y.C. and it was great. Clay is an AMAZING VOCAL TALENT, and I am so looking forward to his Tried and True tour in 2011. "Thank You" for allowing us to relive the tour.

  4. This tour was a blast and I hope there’ll be a Timeless Tour II in the near future. Cluben Rocks!

  5. Looks like Clay and Ruben went out with a bang! This concert was so good-great voices and so funny. Clay and Ruben worked so well together. I am sorry to see it end but I am glad I have
    memories to remind me of it and all the great clack. Thanks so much to all who contributed to our clack posts.

  6. Musicfan, you write such a wonderful newsletter. Thank you so much. I try and say it as much as I can! My concert was Biloxi. What a fantastic show. Here's hoping somebody puts together a 'best of' video that we can all download to watch over and over again! That kiss Casey and Clay had at the end was just hot hot hot! *g* He is such a sexy man! I'm going to the Chicago show. Hope to see everyone there too!

  7. Oh my gosh, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that photo with Clay sitting on Ruben's lap. Fabulous shot, whoever took that!
    Such great memories (I was at the Reno concert.) Sure hope the two of them tour again together someday!

  8. musicfan, thanks for all your hard work creating this great blog. Timeless Tour was a hoot from beginning to end. Time of My Life was just perfect. The Venue at Hammond rocked on August 13! They were so good together!

  9. What a fabulous tour that was, I am a little sad that The Timeless Tour came to an end, but we always have the memories if Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard in concert together.
    Love all the pictures, videos and the recaps, it should keep me busy for sometime!

  10. Another successful tour for Clay Aiken. He is a very talented and entertaining man plus being very intelligent.

  11. It's been so fun seeing this tour come around. I love all the clack and it's got me so excited to see Clay in March. Yay!

  12. All of us who were lucky enough to attend one or more concerts definitely had the time of our lives.

    Thank you, musicfan, for your great blog and the accompanying clack. There is so much fun clack from this tour that it should keep us going for a little while and Scarlett's magnificent clack of Biloxi, in particular, will make a great DVD so we can relive this show forever. Long live the Cluben!

  13. This tour was so much fun, it's sad it's over, but Clay and everybody else deserved a rest. Now looking forward for the Tried and True tour next year!

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