Clay Aiken – Are You Voting?

4 Days


96 Hours


5760 Minutes


345600 Seconds

Whatever kind of time you choose –

This is how much time we have left to vote for

The National Inclusion Project

At The

Pepsi Refresh Challenge!

Currently, the National Inclusion Project is in 18th place.  We need to move it up to the top ten!  Just think, $50,000 would fund:

  • Scholarships for children who are unable to afford Let’s All Play Camps.
  • Training for staff across the United States on Inclusion techniques
  • Training Supplies for new staff

Aron Hall, Director of Services at The National Inclusion Project has some last minute suggestions for us to help us move up to the top ten.

We need your help to spread the word so we can bring Let’s ALL Play training to more programs across the nation and open doors for ALL children to participate in all that life has to offer!

Here are ways to recruit potential voters:

1. Home Page Splash: Check out all the ways you can vote by visiting the National Inclusion Project home page!

2. Daily Reminders: Sign up to receive a daily email reminder and become eligible to win a free iPad if we finish in the top 10 and win $50,000! Sign up here: Inclusion Project/Pepsi Challenge.

3. Facebook/Twitter Updates: Join us on Facebook and Twitter!

4. Forward the NIP email, and share the information on message boards, Facebook, Twitter, in blogs.

5. Schedule a group text! Have the attendees turn their cell phone sounds on and walk them through sending a text together. When Pepsi texts back, the feedback will be amazing!

Each person has 30 votes – 10 through texting, 10 through FaceBook and 10 at the Pepsi website.  We can vote for The National Inclusion Project once in each voting group.  The other 27 votes should go to the charities that are a part of a voting alliance formed between the charities.  It’s a win-win situation.  We vote for them and in return, they vote for us.  Besides the extra votes, it’s a great way to introduce the foundation to other people.

Below is the current alliance list from the National Inclusion Project:

National Inclusion Project http://www.refreshev…nclusionproject
RETT http://www.refreshev…searchtoreality
Cal Ripkin Sr. Foundation http://www.refreshev…afeplacestoplay
BRIDGES http://www.refreshev….com/bridgesdch
Blind Cat Rescue http://www.refreshev…/blindcatrescue
Rare Disease Network http://www.refreshev…hopeforsickkids
CCMV http://www.refreshev…/ccmvfoundation
Courages Kids http://www.refreshev…/courageouskids
Lake Reba http://www.refreshev…erebaplayground

Be sure and leave a message so the organizations will know that The National Inclusion Project is supporting their cause.  You can say (copy/paste) something like:

Votes from National Inclusion Project! Help us help kids with disabilities experience life with their peers. We’re going for $50K!!

Only 5,760 minutes left….can we do it?  I think we CAN!!!

I would bet that Clay Aiken is watching the totals and hoping that his “baby” gets some needed support.  I wonder how many friends from Spamalot are helping out.  I bet they would support The National Inclusion Project if they knew about the voting!

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  1. Musicfan,

    Excellent blog for the final four day-push in National Inclusion Project voting to secure a $50,000 grant through the Pepsi Refresh Challenge! Hopefully, inclusion supporters will rally to the occasion and make this happen.

    Have a great week. Let's make this happen, Clay Nation!


  2. I hope everyone is voting, voting, voting!!! This is so important!

    Sue…….the video is wonderful. I always enjoy your creative videos!!

    Thank you for this wonderful blog!!

  3. I've been voting daily and hopefully National Inclusion Project can receive funds to further their mission to help kids with inclusion.

  4. Thanks for the links and instruction for voting Pepsi Refresh, specifically, the National Inclusion Project. Let's keep voting!!

  5. I'm still voting!!! I'll vote next month if needed, but let's rally to get to the top 10 this month!!! Thanks for the easy links and information!

  6. Continuing to vote each and every day for NIP.

    Sue, that is a fantastic montage you made for NIP. BRAVO

  7. Been voting every day for National Inclusion Project every day on the Pepsi Challenge.
    Thank you for blogging about the voting, also thank you for the wonderful montage by suerue.
    lets make Clay Aiken and NIP proud!

  8. I'm voting every day. Thanks for all your hard work in keeping the message out there. It would be wonderful if we could get NIP in the top 10.

  9. I am voting everyday also. This would be a great way for the National Inclusion Project to include more children in their projects. Thanks for the reminder that the month is almost over. I hope we can bring them up to ten. but if not I will vote again each day next month.

  10. I'm voting every single day and won't quit. I appreciate the links that make it a cinch to vote. Thank you!

    Sue, I love your video!

  11. I've been voting every day. If we don't make the top 10 this time I will be back at it every day in October.

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