Clay Aiken – Celebrating Classical Music Month

It seems September is a month full of many special days and is dedicated to many causes.  Can you believe it is “Balance Awareness Week”, “Self-Promotion Month”, and September even has “Fish Amnesty Day.”?  For those of us on a Clay Aiken blog, the important cause is:

Classical Music Month

Many of us enjoy classical music, but when asked by someone, “What is classical music?” we are unable to provide a solid statement about this genre that encompasses many styles of music and spans more than seven hundred years.

The following are some definitions of and comments about Classical Music:

  • Of or relating to music in the educated European tradition as opposed to popular or folk music.
  • Orchestral and chamber music, etc, as opposed to jazz, folk music, etc.
  • Music of the European tradition marked by sophistication of structural elements…
  • Classical Music is the joy of being involved with something larger than you are.
  • The best thing about being a musician is carrying around works of art in your head all the time.
  • Lovers of classical music speak of it as a refuge from the stress of everyday life, a sanctuary of timeless treasures.
  • The musician, A. Ansbacher said:  Classical music for me is simply a thing of beauty…that everybody should have the opportunity to enjoy.

Whatever your favorite genre of music might be it is wonderful that the month of September celebrates music.  Having grown up in a home where classical music was all I ever heard, I love listening to Brahms, Mahler, Mozart and many other great composers. Yet, when I heard Clay Aiken sing the first time, my heart soared and life was just a little bit better than the day before.

Do you ever listen to Classical Music?  If so, do you have a favorite composer or composition?

The following video is “Classic Clay”

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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Celebrating Classical Music Month

  1. I do like to listen to Classical music…but just when I am in the mood…
    I have found myself listening to William Joseph. I really enjoy his style. I really like Brahms as well. I have a CD somewhere that Paul McCartney did, and it's all classical music…it is really good…

    I have to comment on your one line Musicfan..I absolutely love it..and it speaks the truth:
    "Yet, when I heard Clay Aiken sing the first time, my heart soared and life was just a little bit better than the day before" I love this line….Perfect!!!!!!

    • Thanks, Judy………There is just something special about hearing Clay sing. It always makes me feel better!

  2. Judy & Musicfan,
    couldn't agree more with you. I thought I am the only person who feel a lot better after listening to clay sing.
    I always listen to Clay when I am not in the mood, when I feel restless, when I feel 'this is really not my day', when there are many things going around in my mind, when I can not sleep eventhough I am very tired, when …there's sooo many things need to be done at the same time urgently 🙁 ….. off course also when I am really really happy & excited…

    I really dont know why..but that's what I always do… pick up my Creative or Ipod & just listening to Clay sing…It's always, always & always makes me better, calmer, peacefull & all other positive moods.

    Amazing isn't it ? Never have enough of him 🙂
    Thanks a lot for the blog, yours also always make my day 🙂

  3. I do at times listen to Classical music. But, the first time I heard Clay sing on American Idol..I was mesmerized on the spot. From then on I wanted to know everything about him..and I could not wait to tune in to AI to hear him sing. It has been over 7 years and I still feel the same. I listen to his T&T album every day. In fact he goes for a walk with me every day. LOL! Oh, and thank you very much for that video of Clay singing Solitaire. Something magical about the man…and downright sexy…and I am loving it.

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