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Each day in September, fans of Clay Aiken and the National Inclusion Project are evaluating the results of their voting in September’s Pepsi Refresh Challenge.  In a bid to secure $50,000 for the foundation, the list of various groups that return votes is modified often.

The sharing strategy was organized by a group of fans, headed by SueReu and has been used at several Clay Aiken message boards.

All eligible voters (legal US citizens at least 13 years old) should include the “Everyone” list in their voting strategy and then choose one of the other groups to help distribute the 10 votes for the day. Remember, one Internet vote and one text vote are allowed each day.

First thing, each day through Sept. 30, go to the Pepsi link and click on “Vote for this idea.” You can also choose to sign in through Facebook.  If you do, be sure to click on “Vote for this idea” again. You will know that your vote counted when your daily allotment changes to nine.

If you are into texting, you can also vote by texting 102308 to Pepsi (73774). Unfortunately, The Pepsi Refresh Project is only open to U.S. residents, 13 years and older. The many international fans can only help by spreading the word and acting as cheerleaders.

To the right of this article, there is a button you can click on that will help you vote.  I hope you will support this wonderful organization and encourage your friends to throw their votes to the National Inclusion Project.

National Inclusion Project

Group A
National Federation of the Blind http://www.refreshev…om/nfbyouthslam
Little Tree Preschool http://www.refreshev…letreepreschool
Handicapped Treehouses http://www.refreshev…fordisabledkids
SWOOP http://www.refreshev…wheelchairramps
Foxroad Elementary http://www.refreshev…
Mckemy Middle School http://www.refreshev…
Hematology / Oncology http://www.refreshev…om/needypatient
Charlotte Peace http://www.refreshev…ottepeaceathome

Group B
Add iPad http://www.refreshev…
St. Joseph’s School http://www.refreshev…schoolcomputers
Despite Dyslexia http://www.refreshev…despitedyslexia
Bag Ladies http://www.refreshev…
Blind Cat Rescue http://www.refreshev…/blindcatrescue
RETT http://www.refreshev…searchtoreality
Screamfest http://www.refreshev…om/screamfestla
Family Fun Events http://www.refreshev…familyfunevents
BRIDGES http://www.refreshev….com/bridgesdch

Group C
Ella’s Hope for Autism http://www.refreshev…
Boise Bicycle http://www.refreshev…ebicycleproject
Health Shots Reminder http://www.refreshev…thshotsreminder
Saving Shelter Pets http://www.refreshev…vingshelterpets
Wild and Wonderful Pet Pantry http://www.refreshev…derfulpetpantry
Chem-Bio tech http://www.refreshev…/chembiotechlab
Ovarian Cancer http://www.refreshev…

Here’s some words you can copy/paste to the comment section:

Votes from National Inclusion Project! Help us help kids with disabilities experience life with their peers. We’re going for $50K!!

Thanks for your support!!!

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  1. Thank you SueRue and the participants off of Clay Aiken fan boards. The momentum is building and this a very positive step we can take to help those in need.

  2. The Pepsi Refresh Challenge is a great way to promote and help charities. We began by voting for National Inclusion Project, but it has spread to other charities.

  3. You guys are doing a great job for the National Inclusion Project…….It's for the kids, and that is the best!!!! It's unfortunate we Canadians can't vote…

  4. Musicfan,

    Thank you for helping to spread the word about the National Inclusion Project. Hopefully, the numbers of supporters voting will pick up so the foundation can secure the $50k grant in the Pepsi Refresh Challenge.

    Many thnx for your kind comment in the current Carolina blog. I have missed you. As a musician, I would be interested in your thoughts about my student composers ( see 8/28 entry).

    Have a great week!


  5. I just stumbled upon this thread and wanted to thank you all for supporting Saving Shelter Pets! 🙂 We've all been voting a ton for National Inclusion this month and last — it's a GREAT cause — and we definitely appreciate all the support for our animal rescue in return. You guys rock!! 🙂

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