Clay Aiken Takes On Houston

HoustonPBS was America’s first public television station and was one of the founding stations of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) in 1969.  According to their website:

HoustonPBS serves to empower, engage and enrich the lives of the people of Southeast Texas. To that end, HoustonPBS provides a varied schedule made up of national Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) programming; award winning locally produced programming; college courses; and select acquired programs. Beyond broadcast, our facility is also a site for town hall meetings, national videoconference broadcasts, and a variety of innovative community educational and outreach programs.

On Wednesday night, Tried & True: Live! was the featured program in the Pledge Drive at HoustonPBS.  And, just to make the evening more successful, Clay Aiken was in the studio to chat with the host and put a personal touch to the broadcast.

The studio was filled with volunteers that helped the station by answering phones and taking pledges.  Most of the volunteers were fans of Clay Aiken.  It was wonderful to read their reports of the exciting evening.

According to reports, Clay looked great and was dressed in a brown shirt, tie, jeans and converse shoes.  He was still wearing the spikes in his hair.

Another fan reported that Clay joked and teased with the PBS staff, including the volunteers.  He seemed relaxed and by his actions, seemed to be enjoying himself.  One fan said that there is no doubt that Clay appreciates his fans.

Clay mentioned at the beginning of the evening that his back was bothering him and it was more comfortable to stand than sit on the high stools.  At one point in the evening, he ended up lying on his back on the floor between the pledge breaks.  However, everyone said he was up and completely “on” during the pledge breaks.

A few times, Clay actually talked to some of the people calling in….he even took a call using his “Spamalot” accent.  He also joked that for the right pledge he would sing at your wedding!

At the end of the evening, Clay signed CD covers and took many pictures with the staff and volunteers.  One of the staff said she would send the pictures to the volunteers.

According to the staff, the pledge evening was very successful.  The station seemed pleased with the entire event.  There were 15 Meet and Greets available and they were sold out immediately.

Congratulations to PBSHouston and Clay Aiken.  It sounds like it was a winning event for everyone.

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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Takes On Houston

  1. I'm so glad everything went well in Houston and to hear everyone had fun. What would I pledge to have Clay sing at my wedding?….hmmmm… 🙂

  2. How much fun it was for those in the studio last night at PBS Houston. Clay Aiken is very witty and likeable.

  3. Glad to hear that the Houston pledge broadcast was such a success and that the volunteers had an enjoyable time meeting Clay Aiken.

  4. It is so great to read of these great airings but it only makes me more upset that the Buffalo/Toronto station WNED won't be carrying it. A lot of us have emailed them telling them we want to pledge but to no avail. Perhaps because there is no concert in the area they don't feel they have that much to put up as gifts but we'd pledge the DVD in a minute.____Glad to hear that Clay is doing so well at most of the stations …. of course, we knew he would, didn't we?

  5. It sounds like it was a great night at the PBS station in Houston. I loved the recaps and the photos. I also had no idea that Houston was one of first PBS stations in our country. I am glad lots of people called in while Clay was there and that he even took some pledges himself.

  6. What fun to read the accounts from those at the Houston Tried and True LIVE! airing last night! Those lucky few that got to be near Clay for 2 hours!

  7. Musicfan,

    The Houston PBS Special telecast was indeed a night to remember for Clay Aiken and his fans. Thank you for an excellent blog on the evening.

    Have a great week!


  8. It is so great that last night the PBS in Houston was a success, and that Clay and everyone who helped had so much fun.

  9. It sounds like a great time was had by all in Houston. I'm glad the evening was such a success,

  10. dear musicfan,
    tks for the nice blog. It fulfill my thirst of having clay news everyday :).
    thaaaaanks a lot.
    Luv from Indonesia 🙂

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