Clay Aiken – Training Together!

Thursday was full of fun surprises for fans of Clay Aiken.  It seemed like Clay’s name was everywhere.

There were at least nine Internet sites that posted the new pictures of Clay and Tyra Banks taking a subway trip in New York.  It was good to see pictures of Clay, however, the 40 pictures the photographer from Wenn took seem a bit over the top.  I mean… was just two people talking as they rode the subway.  The following are two of the sites that carried the pictures.

Star Tracks, a section of People. Com posted the following about the duo’s trip:


You never know whom you’ll bump into on the MTA! Tyra Banks and Clay Aiken keep each other company Wednesday while taking the subway in New York.

TMZ wrote:

Clay Aiken & Tyra Banks Train Together

Former “American Idol” runner-up Clay Aiken and supermodel gal pal Tyra Banks took their relationship underground … and rode the NYC subway together on Wednesday.

Another short article was published on Fox All Access. The site has a great picture of Clay, a link to a short audio of Clay talking about musical influences and a nice write-up.   Why not give this site a hit and leave a short comment.  It is a positive mention.  Now, lets hope they fix the typo in the headline!  The short article says:


Aiken has certainly been doing his share of performing and singing. He released a new album entitled “Tried And True”, and recently wrapped his summer tour with his buddy, American Idol winner Ruben Studdard.

Aiken is taking some time off before he goes back on tour in early 2011. However, you can bet that he is already thinking about his next album. Ever since he competed on American Idol, Aiken has sung songs from many different musical genres, from pop songs, to the good old standard songs. We caught up with Aiken and asked who music influence and he didn’t have many influences but if he had to say one it’s Elton John. (Click on the audio player to hear Clay Aiken)

Another surprise showed up on the Internet on Thursday.  Sony Music is offering a new CD named Super Hits of Clay Aiken.  This is an easy way for RCA/Sony to make some easy money.  They own the rights to the songs and so the expense of putting this album out is rather small.  I tend to think that if this album were important to Clay, he would have mentioned it to us.

So, will we get more news today?  If so, you know you can find it here!

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8 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Training Together!

  1. Yes, there were lots of google alerts in my mailbox regarding the Clay and Tyra Subway ride. I bet that it was probably the first time Clay was on a subway….It sure is nice to see him out and about… As far as Elton John and Clay Aiken in the same sentence…That is Ultra Cool….I have loved Elton's music since the 70's…

    Will something show up today??? Who knows…if Clay goes walking about again today….I bet we'll get pictures…..

  2. Thanks for all the latest Clay news. I enjoyed the subway photos and don't feel 40 pictures was too many at all. 😀

  3. I just loved the pictures of Clay and Tyra on the Subway. They certainly were enjoying themselves. It's nice to see that they are such good friends. We all know that Tyra said she just loves him. Can't say as I can blame her…he is so adorable. In fact, I must have looked at those pictures about 20 times.

    Have to agree…if that CD Super Hits of Clay Aiken was of any importance to Clay, he would have mentioned it to us. Just another way for RCA to still make money off of Clay. I won't be buying fact, I have all those songs on his other albums.

    Nice to see all the articles about Clay…good PR. I'll make sure I give them hits. Thanks for the wonderful article and pictures.

  4. Loved seeing the pictures of Clay and Tyra. I think they are true friends. You can see that they are trying to pretend the camera isn't in their faces and just act normally. It must be really hard!!

    Thanks for all the news. I know I can come here and get caught up on all the news!!

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