Clay Aiken – “Definitely Worthy!”

What a big surprise to hear from Clay Aiken on Sunday.  His blog about radio airplay was interesting and made me excited for the future.

I have been a Clay fan since his appearance on American Idol.  In all that time, I do not remember Clay ever asking for help in getting spins.  This tells me a lot.  To me, it means that Clay and his team have been doing their homework and see that things might have changed and there is a possibility for a bit of radio play.

It has been fun reading the responses from Clay’s fans.  The majority of the fans are ready and willing to do what they can to support Clay and his music.  I mean, isn’t that what fans are supposed to do?

I have also found myself shaking my head at a few responses.  Someone posted that it was a sorry state that Clay had to do his own PR.  Where was Decca??  Well, I bet Decca is right there, studying the responses and info that major record companies receive each week.  No way would Clay go off on his own…come on!!

So many fans still feel the burn of requesting but getting nothing but negative responses.  However, if you look at the big picture we realize that it is a different time, a different record label, and to some extent, a new Clay.  Times have changed and each one of us needs to take a few minutes and help Clay.  I have a few minutes to help Clay.  Do you??  It might even work!!

Clay mentioned in his blog that:

“we’re gonna throw ourselves into Adult Contemporary formats throughout the country.”

You all may be more informed about the radio than I, but I felt the necessity to find out more about radio formats and  “Adult Contemporary Formats.”

At Radio Station World, I learned that:

A radio format, or programming format, or programming genre refers to the overall content broadcasting over a radio station. Some stations broadcast multiple genres on set schedule. Over the years, formats have evolved and new ones have been introduced. In today’s age of radio, many radio formats are designed to reach a specifically defined segment or niche of the listening population based on such demographic criteria as age, ethnicity, background, etc.

OK…that makes sense!

According to the Encyclopedia of Radio, Vol 2, radio formats developed in response to the competitive threat posed by television and the growing number of competing radio stations. For years and years, radio stations had been a mass medium. Each outlet was trying to be all things to all people. But as television grew in popularity and as more television and radio stations went on the air, audience fragmentation occurred.  This prompted radio programmers to seek ways to differentiate their programming and attract audiences.

But, what is Adult Contemporary?  Sometimes referred as “AC”, Adult Contemporary music station are aimed at people 30 years and older.  These stations primarily play popular and rock music released during the past fifteen or twenty years.  It is designed for listeners who are not interested in hearing current releases.  Don’t go to Adult Contemporary if you want to hear “Rap”.

Knowing very little legitimate information about radio formats and radio play, I looked up Radio – Locator. This great site had some interesting information on radio stations.

Top 3 Most Visited Web Sites of Adult Contemporary Stations (via Radio-Locator):



103.5 FM

Los Angeles, CA

(normally airs Adult Contemporary)



97.1 FM

Washington, DC

(normally airs Adult Contemporary)



93.9 FM

Chicago, IL

(normally airs Adult Contemporary)

Top 3 Most Listened To Adult Contemporary Stations (via Radio-Locator):



103.9 FM

Bronxville, NY




100.3 FM

Ottawa, ON

(normally airs Adult Contemporary) Listen!



103.9 FM

Moncton, NB


Well, this certainly looks like a good place to start!    I also found out that the following stations are leaders in Adult Contemporary:

KOIT 96.5 FM    San Francisco, CA Holiday (Adult Contemporary)

KOST 103.5 FM   Los Angeles, CA Holiday (Adult Contemporary)

WYXB 105.7 FM   Indianapolis, IN Holiday (Adult Contemporary)

WLTW 106.7 FM   New York City        Holiday (Adult Contemporary)

KVIL 103.7 FM      Dallas, TX              Adult Contemporary

It is only a start.  I wonder how many stations need to be contacted?  Next, I need to do some research on Clear Channel, Delilah, etc. I have read chatter about these entities, but I would be the first to admit that what I know at this time is rumor, not fact.  I better get to work!!

Meantime, each one of us needs to step up and help.  No excuses…. it doesn’t cost anything but a few minutes and I can’t think of any legitimate reason why a Clay Aiken fan would not stand up and be counted in this project.  According to Clay:

Feel free to request wherever you like, whenever you like. The worst they can do is not play it. (Which is exactly what they will do if we don’t go for it) But this album and that song are definitely worthy of and right up the alley of AC stations.

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16 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – “Definitely Worthy!”

  1. Great blog music. I hope that lots of us fan will request Clay on their AC radio stations and try to get Clay's UM like he wants, but I know it's going to probably not be real easy cause he isn't played a whole ton unless it's during the Holiday season, but here's to hoping it will have if not all radio station, at least some radio stations. I have already thanks my radio station for playing Clay this Holiday season and have requested his UM at least once. So here's to hoping he will soon get played on radio stations.


  2. very interesting, thanks for the information! I'll be curious to read what you find out about Clear Channel (my DH calls them the Devil LOL!!!) Huge HUGE conglomerate who has been taken to task by both those inside and outside the "industry". I must admit that I miss the radio that I grew up with – but everything changes. I'll wait until we have further instructions before requesting since I am in the hinterlands and probably not a targeted market (although I'll probably request anyway – nothing ventured, nothing gained)

  3. Thank you for this excellent article. I have learned a lot reading here.

    I really hope that everyone will help out with requesting…even when we haven't had luck before. It's a new world!!

    Clay…..I will help!

  4. Clay is right…all, they can do is not play it…and if we don't request, they won't play it. I e-mailed my morning show on my AC Radio Station this morning and requested UM. She e-mailed me back and said we will put it in and glad you liked the Christmas Music. I kind of miss it myself. Hope you will stay with us. I have to confess that I missed about 10-15 minutes of the show, as I was on the phone, but I never thought it would be so easy. No excuses. I will e-mail them in a couple more days and request UM. This time I will keep my ear glued to the radio. LOL! But, we are fans and that is why I am requesting…plus I would love to hear his TNT songs on my radio.

  5. As a fan for all these years I will most definitely request UM. I am still getting emails from our local AC station since the first few years of being a fan.

  6. Anna…I will request with you for Toronto…. Will have to check out other A/C stations in Toronto.
    All we can do is try our best to request Clay's UM….from TnT. It's the least we can do for Clay…and of course US. I would be thrilled to hear Clay on the Radio, anytime of the year…

    Something's up, cause he has had more airplay this season than in the past…even doubled the figures right after the release of "Merry Christmas With Love'….That in itself is amazing…..Gotta keep the momentum going….

  7. I'm not optomistic at all about my local AC station playing Clay. I sure hope they surprise me. I may concentrate my efforts instead on online music sites. That's where I listen to most of my music anyway.

  8. Thanks CANN for telling it like it is. I hope that ALL of Clay's fans will get behind him and request UM on AC radio. It takes just a few minutes and it won't hurt and this time around may actually do a lot of good.

    Thanks for the music info.

  9. Clay so deserves radio play. RCA didn't promote or support play for him and now with Tried & True, I hope to hear him soon on my radio.

  10. Thanks for all you do here. I have already requested at one station that is in my listening area and it's also one that I stream on my computer. I know I can find a few more.
    It feels so good to be able to do this.
    Yes!! It's what fans do.

  11. Thanks musicfan for this great article. I am in Alberta and at the moment not sure what to do.

    I sure will help Clay and also for us, I do listening a lot radio all my life at home, work, while drinving and even used to carry my walkman radio everywhere before when my radio used to play Clay for 5 years since the song TITN …it was so excited for me to hear him. Also I was so lucky to have a Jazz station playing CTMEOY this past summer for almost 5 months till they changed the station to
    different music style. Also my AC station played TFN this past xmas.
    I hope we can hear Clay on the radio again … I want this bad , its been what I always wanted to hear my favorite singer on the Radio. 😉

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