Clay Aiken – First Christmas

I happen to love this look on Clay Aiken. It was one of many outfits Clay wore on his first Christmas Tour.  What do you think?



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13 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – First Christmas

  1. I think the outfit looks really great on Clay. The darker turtle neck is very complementary to his skin tone and hair color. If he wore the jacket with a lighter color under, it would certainly wash him out. Yep, his outfit is well co-ordinated and Clay definitely looks very classy wearing it.

  2. I loved the looks at well Musicfan…. Layer after layer…we use to always comment and try to figure out how many layers Clay was wearing…. I think he looks perfectly dressed for the holidays.
    I hope Clay does more Christmas tours…they are always spectacular…. I remember taking a friend to the last one "Christmas In The Heartland 2007", she had gone to other concerts, but never a Christmas one…. I remember looking over at her a few times, with tears rolling down her cheeks…He had moved her so much, that she just was caught up in this absolutely beautiful voice…I will always treasure that…. Of course, I wasn't far behind when he sang "Welcome To Our World". Time has shown, that this song must have been very poignant for Clay, as at that time in his life, he and Jaymes were trying to have a child….

    That tour was so different for Clay, as he wasn't moving around much on stage….I think at that time in his life…he was very spiritual..more than usual…and now we know why…. I love Clay Aiken… He has brought me more joy than he will ever know….

  3. I really like this look!! Clay looks so put together…a casual/formal look. Does that make sense??

    Thank you for another fun blog. I love going back in Clay history. There is so much that I sometimes forget all that has happened.

  4. Yep, it's totally a look that works for Clay. He looks very handsome….but then doesn't he always? 🙂

  5. I think he looked very handsome and dressed just right for his Christmas Show. I loved every one of Clay Christmas Concerts. I have truly missed them. I hope he makes another Christmas Album, maybe next year, followed by another Christmas Concert. I will be the first one there for that one.

  6. This was the only Clay concert I didn't get to see. That is a great look for him, he looks fabulous.
    Much better than that shiny, stiff black suit he wore on the PBS special. Looking forward to seeing him in concert in Feb.

  7. It wouldn't be a Clay Aiken wardrobe ensemble without multiple layers, would it? 😀 Clay looks great.

  8. He looks great on all the pics, but I like the #4 picture the most.

    Thanks Musicfan for the great job you do here at CANN.

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