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Do you have a wish-list for Clay Aiken in 2011 ?  I found an article I wrote last year and was amazed that my list is almost the same.  I did add the last few for this year.  Of course, my biggest wish for Clay is happiness, contentment and lots of love.  However, the following list is about his professional career.

The beginning of any new year brings thoughts of ambitions, objectives, aspirations and purposes; all important things to think about. However, it also allows us the opportunity to put together a wish-list. I believe that everyone has a wish list made up of things that gives them hope and excitement and something to look forward to.

My personal wish list is just that…….personal. However, I do have a wish list regarding Clay Aiken. I bet you have one too. The following are on my Clay Aiken wish list for 2010(2011)

1. Visits with Jimmy Kimmel

2. Lots of Morning Shows with visits and performances

3. Magazine Covers and Articles

4. Musical Awards

5. Concert Tours


6. Photo Shoots

7. Broadway Show

8.  Christmas Album and Special

Well, I am in trouble because this is just the beginning of my wish list and I am running out of room. I just might have to add more another day!

What’s on your Clay Aiken Wish-list??

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26 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Wish List

  1. My wishlist for 2011. I hope Clay's tour is a great success. I hope everyone requests UM and it gets alot of radio play. A Christmas cd would be wonderful. I just wish Clay the best year ever! 🙂

  2. I wish for all the ones you listed as well as a lot of radio play so he can be recognized and win awards. I want to see him on TV more and to be in a movie along with one of his songs. Most of all to be happy.

  3. I came over to post that I ditto all said above, saw the video from Moon River from the WTTW Chicago Fundraising concert and got distracted……..

    What was I saying?

  4. Since Clay is going to perform in Broadway Bares 6 this February, it might be great for him to do a whole album of old Broadway tunes that were originally sung by women!! There are hundreds that would be great for his voice!! How about it Clay? "My Man"—"PaPa Do You Hear Me"—"Memories"–"Some Enchanted Evening"—"I Don't Know How to Love Him"—–what others would you like to do, Clay??

    • Clay is performing at Broadway Backwards 6………I doubt if we will ever see Clay at Broadway Bares……just can't imagine him running around bare!!!

  5. OOOOOPS! Broadway Bares? Where is it ..and when can I see it? Just kidding! I would never want to see Clay in one of those shows.

    Getting back to the Topic..I think you just about said it all. But, I would really like him to do a new Christmas CD for next year…and a Christmas Tour. Mostly, I just want his TnT Concerts to be a big success and for him and his family to have much happiness in 2011. Oh..and maybe a PBS Christmas Show next year.

  6. Those photos are killing me! That JBT one almost knocked me out of my chair.
    What was the question again?……

    I wish Clay full houses for his concert, new plans for a summer/fall tour, amazing sales of TnT CD, and many TV appearance, especially late night! I wish him such success in all aspects of his career as well as happiness and love.

  7. What a wonderful wish list. Every single picture brings back memories.
    My wish for Clay is for happiness–because it was he who said that real success meant happiness.
    My wish for Clay is that he gets as much happiness as he has given us.
    My wish for Clay is that he he just keeps on singing to us–well, maybe that is really more of a wish for us, but I think that singing to us does bring him happiness–so, it's a win-win!!!

  8. I wish Clay would stop doing "gay" things, like the Broadway Backwards thing. He said in his "coming out" blog to us that there is more to him than just about being gay, but every time you turn around, there he is, doing something pro-gay. Even the anti-bullying thing had a gay flavor to it. I agree with Richard Chamberlain who said recently he thinks it's a mistake for gay actors (and by extension entertainers) to come out. He cited the still prevalent homophobia in America. I want Clay to be known as a great entertainer, not as "that gay entertainer."

    • It's a shame that homophobia is still very present in society. I wouldn't want that to stop Clay from getting involved in any worthy charity event whether it helps starving people in Africa, children with disabilities or the gay community. Kudos to Clay for his support of the gay community and so many others in need.

    • Stop doing "gay" things??? like living, maybe? Clay is gay, and no matter how uncomfortable you are with that, he can't change it, so whether he hides it or not, Clay is a gay entertainer, and he is definitely great!!!

  9. My wish list for Clay? See him on my teevee. Hear him on my raaadio. Watch & listen to him in concert. But the most important? Happiness and health for Clay.

  10. I like your list. musicfan. One wish I've had for several years now still hasn't come true. I want Clay to sing the theme song from a blockbuster hit movie and have an international mega hit with the song. Then he can perform it on the Academy awards with millions of people watching.

  11. MagicalMusic…I love your wish…that would be a breakthrough for Clay…I believe it will happen one day…. His voice is just that good…

    What I wish for Clay is happiness, love and success. I want people to hear that voice again..somewhere… I want him to have a fair shake like everyone else has…and most of all respect. I want Clay to sing forever….as long as I hear that beautiful voice…I am beyond happy.

  12. Am I being too greedy in wanting Clay to have it all?
    I was just thinking the other day while watching Cold Case. They always have some early music playing in the background. I would love to hear a Clay song used like this, in a movie, or even on TV in some of the mystery shows. They would fit perfectly.

  13. Lots of great ideas for Clay here. He certainly will be a busy man in 2011! In addition to all the entertainment career wishes, I hope Clay will remain politically active and continue to stand up for what he believes. This is an area where he reaches people other than his fans and people respect what he has to say. He is a an articulate speaker and needs to be heard.

  14. I have 2 wishes,one for me and one for Clay Aiken…..I want to see him on my new and big 3D TV screen lots and lots of times …. and I want for Clay to be happy<3

  15. I wish Clay all the best in 2011, happiness, love and success. All what musicfan said, and I want him to have a very successful TnT Tour and after that start to record a new cd with new music and have a hit song that gets International play.

    I want people to hear the most beautiful voice everywhere around the world.

    • I agree with you, Luci. My 2011 wish for Clay is to record a CD with new music and have the success with it that he so deserves! My other wish is for him to win a Grammy.

  16. When Clay Aiken belileves in a cause he supports it TOTALLY no matter what. (ie the Wake County School fiasco). If gay celebrities don't work to end homophobia, who will? You quote Richard Chamberlain recommending gay actors stay closetted …. maybe if he had "come out" all those years ago, and supported gay causes regardless of the consequences to his career, maybe Clay Aiken and his peers wouldn't have to work so hard in 2011 to end bullying and discrimination. If the anti-bullying "thing" had a gay "flavor", it would be because so much bulllying has a gay "flavor". I applaud Clay for his complete involvement in causes, all of them, that he believes in. He never takes the safe way, he jumps right in.

    • Agree totally with you, Lynnie. It's each individual's choice as to when to "come" out, but you are correct Chamberlain may have improved the attitude toward gays if he had not remained closeted. Now the younger gays like Clay are bravely working toward acceptance for all.

  17. Well, Duh! Clay Aiken is gay, why wouldn't he lend his support to an organization that surely helped him immensely? He appears to be much happier and relieved since he came out.

    Love the pictures, especially from the JBT. That man can sure wear a leather jacket and jeans!

    My wish for Clay is to have a new CD with a smash #1 song that becomes the music for a new movie.

  18. Hi Musicfan…

    this is one of your best blog. Love it, love it, love it 🙂

    My wishes for clay are … (be prepared… I am going to be a bit greedy & selfish here 🙂 ..)..

    1. he is to be happy in whatever he does & when he stands up to his believes

    2. Active again as Unicef ambassador

    3. Tour to Asia (& Indonesia is one of them.. 🙂 ..)

    4. Succesfull tour & show

    5. New album (broadway song, christmas song..whatever song – since he always good in singing all type of song.. as long as making him appear more on my TV screen & my radio)

    Hmmm, I think 5 are more than enough, since I want him to enjoy the life with his family as well, so I think I need to stop it here 🙂

    Thanks for the opportunity to voice out what we want for him …

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