Clay Aiken – Hear The Audience Screaming!

Today, Sunday, January 30th, Clay Aiken will be performing in the large RBC stadium in his hometown of Raleigh.  Clay will be singing the National Anthem at the NHL All-Star game at 4:00pm ET.  Clay has had many opportunities to sing in Raleigh and he certainly has sung in RBC arena before.

If you were a fan of Clay when he was on American Idol, you probably remember the AI Tour stop in Raleigh.  On August 6th, 2003, the residents of Raleigh opened their hearts to Clay as he rose triumphantly on a platform from beneath the stage.  It was a moment that will always be remembered by Clay and his many fans.  When his performance was finished, Clay stood silently for several minutes as he received an ovation that brought him to tears.

Today, Raleigh has the opportunity to open their hearts again when Clay steps up to sing the National Anthem. There is no doubt that Clay will sing with a strong voice and show his pride for his city and country.

I love the pictures from Clay’s American Idol performance in Raleigh.  When you see the pictures you can almost hear the audience screaming its love to Clay.

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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Hear The Audience Screaming!

  1. I've always loved that photo of Clay on stage looking out into the Raleigh audience. I believe that is the picture a fan sent to him, and he has it framed and on the wall in his home. What a moment! Clay loves Raleigh so much. I hope the city shows respect and shows Clay the same at the game today. Clay sings the National Anthem so well. The town of Raleigh is priviledged to have Clay has their hometown guy.

  2. Since I don't have Versus on my cable channels, I'm looking forward to someone out there recording it so I can watch it tomorrow…please! Clay does such an amazing job of singing a very tough tune…our National Anthem.

  3. I love that photo. Clay's hometown has always meant a lot to him. I am so excited. I love Clay singing the national anthem. Wishing him the best! 🙂

  4. As usual Clay did a great job with our National Anthem It was exciting just to be able to see him sing again.

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