Clay Aiken – Singing At NHL All-Star Game

According to Brian Mansfield at USA Today’s Idol ChatterClay Aiken will be singing the National Anthem at the NHL All-Star Game.

The game is scheduled for Sunday, January 30th at 4pm ET.  It will be held in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Clay said:

We all rally behind the home team.  I don’t think anybody in Raleigh knew much about hockey until the Hurricanes came to town, but now everybody has learned to love it.

In the Idol Chatter article, Clay talks about his up-coming tour and says  he has a few surprises up his sleeve.

You can read Brian’s article at Idol Chatter

It will be nice to hear Clay sing the national anthem.  He has always done such a great job on that difficult song.  Will you be tuning in??

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17 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Singing At NHL All-Star Game

  1. This so great to read. I know Clay will do a great job. Can't wait to see Clay sing. 🙂


  2. I sure wish I lived in Raleigh! I'd be there with a video camera in a HEARTBEAT!! Okay, so who is getting CLACK?

  3. So happy for Clay that they are using a hometown boy to sing the National Anthem. And he does love his hockey!

  4. This is so great. Hometown Boy singing the National Anthem. Perfect. Clay is so proud of Raleigh, and his town should be proud of him. Can't wait to see this on Sunday…

  5. That is so wonderful that Clay is singing the National Anthem on Sunday. Who better to do it than Clay? I can't get that channel…so, I hope there will be clack. Guess I don't pay my cable company enough money! Lol!

  6. I am so glad Clay is singing the National Anthem. No one does it better and he gets to sing it in his home town.

  7. Clay Aiken is the perfect choice to sing before the game since he has a wonderful vioce and is a native of the area. He won't ruin our national athem with unnecessary vocal gymnatics like so many other singers do. Clay gives the song the respect it deserves and doesn't make the performance all about him.

  8. Musicfan,

    It's exciting that Clay Aiken will be returning to his hometown to sing the national anthem for the NHL All-Star Game. Since he did the honors for the Carolina Hurricanes in pre-Idol years and since he sings a stupendous anthem, he's the perfect choice!

    Have a great week!


  9. That's wonderful that Clay Aiken was selected to sing the National Anthem. I won't be able to see it, but I hope someone is able to capture it for us. That is a hard song to sing and IMO Clay sings it perfectly!

  10. SSB North Carolina Hurricanes was the youtube video that got me hooked. So this means a lot to me. <3 And there is coverage over here in Canada! How sweet.

    I've heard many renditions of SSB and for me his version is the best male version.

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