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The name Clay Aiken comes up in many conversations daily among many people.  On Saturday, a conversation that I was involved with was about Clay and his wonderful appearances on the popular daytime television show, The View.

The conversation made me think of the many times Clay has visited The View.  From what I can remember, he has appeared on the show nine different times.  Each one was fun, different and entertaining.  I hope I found them all.


Clay and Ruben both talked with the ladies and sang the new singles.


Besides singing Invisible, Clay was interviewed by a “Hot Dog” and smelled by an expert!


The sang The Way and even though he was not feeling well, his performance was great.


Sitting in the middle of a special Christmas set, Clay performed Mary Did You Know.


Looking dashing in his gray suit and long  hair, Clay sang Without You


No song for this appearance, but Clay tried to teach the Russian Dance from Spamalot to he ladies.


On My Way Here was a hit when Clay performed it on this appearance.


To me, the best performance of then all, Clay sang Unchained Melody


Clay was a co-host on the View.  It was cute that he actually got “bleeped” and there was a great conversation on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell!

I am posting a YouTube of Clay’s performance of Unchained Melody. Be sure and double click on the video and leave a comment under the video on YouTube.

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8 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – The View

  1. Great blog musicfan. Clay has had some great times on The View. Love all of the pics especially the first one. I don't think I have seen it before. I think he looks super cute in it. Also loved his performance of UM on The View. He did a great job and can't wait to see and hear him sing it in March.


  2. I posted on the youtube site, and I like how they are only posting pending approval! yay! Thanks musicfan… love him!

  3. I love it when Clay visits The View. He sounded so amazing singing "Unchained Melody". Wow!! I must say he also looked really hot now and back when he sang "Without you" Yum! 🙂

    Thanks for the great video and pictures. What a great blog.

  4. Wow…this was a fun blog. I loved seeing the pictures throughout the years!!

    Isn't it time for another Clay visit on The View.

    I hope that UM gets lots of views on YouTube. Clay sings that song with such passion. It is amazing!!

    Thank you for all the info!!

  5. I had forgotten Clay was a frequent guest on The View. Leave it to CANN to refresh my memory. Clay sure hit a homerun with his performance of "Unchained Melody".

  6. I enjoyed all the pictures of Clay and his appearances on The View. They know a great performer when they see one…that is why he has been on there so many times. Plus he is such a great guy that the girls all love him. Also, that director guy who talked to him while he was getting the curlers in his hair said that he is a great guy…and they all love him on The View. How could they not?

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