Clay Aiken – Will You Be Watching?

The countdown for American Idol Ten has started.  The first episode is only nine days away and already the web is filled with new articles about the new season.  Will we be seeing the judges on every talk show this week and how many times a day will Fox run a commercial for the new show?

There have been many confirmed changes for the 10th season of Idol:

  • Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez will be joining Randy Jackson as judges.
  • The age limit for contestants has been lowered.  15 year olds are now allowed to try out for AI.
  • Gender makeup of the finalists will be determined by talent instead of numbers.
  • The Semi-Finals will be much faster.

There is a lot of speculation that there will be cameras following the contestants in the Idol house.  There is also speculation that contestants will be allowed to perform their own original music.

The producers are hoping that these changes will re-vitalize American Idol. Last year, the show’s ratings took a HUGE tumble, and some say that this could be the final season for the big budget show if it doesn’t pull better numbers.

I will always be thankful for American Idol because they introduced Clay Aiken to the world.  However, I haven’t watched the show for years.  The premise of finding an unknown talent is no longer a part of the show and the horrible way they treat the former stars is amazingly disgusting.  I will only watch if Clay Aiken is on the show.

Will You Be Watching The New Season of American Idol?

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15 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Will You Be Watching?

  1. I still watch American Idol. Nobody has ever matched Clay in my book though. Maybe since Universal (a parent company of Decca somehow??) is now the record label of Idol they will have Clay back. I sure hope so!

    • I may watch at the start. But if there's nobody worth following, or the great changes turn out to be more of the same, I got better things to do on a Thursday night.

  2. I'm with you Musicfan..I will only watch AI if Clay is on it… I will always be thankful that we found Clay through AI, but that is it. Seems that every contestant over the years, has been able to go back on and promote their CD releases…All except for Clay… The highest ratings for that show have been 1. The Finale of Season 2 (Clay & Ruben) and 2. Season 5 – Clay's unexpected return to the show on the Finale. I would love to see Clay make an appearance, but until that day happens, I won't be watching.

  3. Like you I will not be watching American Idol. Have really never watched the show. Have watched maybe two episodes throughout all its's seasons. Did not even watch Season 2. Found Clay many years later. I will however watch it if Clay is on this season as a quest.

  4. Nope, not interested in this sham of a show any longer. Am eternally grateful that Clay Aiken came to us through this show but the last few years the show has gotten 'slicker and slicker' with less and less talent.

    Not my cuppa………….unless, by some happy miracle, they have Clay on for some reason. But since he's become a non-entity for them I highly doubt this will happen.

  5. I will probably watch the first show to check out the new judges. The last few seasons have been filled with too many "professional" singers. Young folks who have already had a record contract, etc. Not singers like Clay who really have talent and just needed a place to show it to the world.

  6. I have watched AI from the beginning and yes no one has be better than our Clay and no one will ever be better than our Clay, but this year sounds interesting, so will see how it is and decided if I will be real into it or now.


  7. I voted "No Way".
    There is only one reason I'd ever watch AI again. That reason is Clay. If he were ever on the show, I'd watch.

  8. Awww, it's just entertainment and I like to watch these kids sing! I watch it every year but I never get excited about any of the winners since Clay. There just isn't any one like him! Nuff said!

  9. I'm still hooked on AI. I may not like or agree with everything AI, but I really enjoy the process of finding great talent. I would have been very disappointed if I had missed season 2 becoming a fan after the fact. Now I'm not expecting to be blown away by any future contestants the way Clay did, but I totally expect to be entertianed by some wonderful singers.

  10. I am not interested in watching this year. The judges do not interest me and the producers are trying way too hard to find a way to make AI last another season. I feel sorry for those who participate that have real talent but do not get even close to winner. I am so done with "reality" shows. If Clay were to be on then I would watch. But since he is not under any contractual agreement with AI any more I doubt he will ever be on again. Only those who are still under contract are obligated to appear. And Clay is the only one who has gotten out of his AI contract to date.

  11. I am still a big fan of AI. and will watch it… not because of the judges or any producers, I just love music and watch any show about it.
    Of couse it don't matter how good the singers are…. no one ever will take Clay's Place. He is for ever 😀

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