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Some interesting music tech news surfaced this week.  Although the information is not about Clay Aiken, it is compelling and shows how fluid and puzzling the field of music is today.

Last week, the mobile music firm, Music WithMe, published a report on iTunes libraries.  The report said that 81% of personal iTunes collections never get played –  not even once.  Michelle Jones who is the community manager of Music WithMe said:

The average iTunes library has 5,409 songs of which 4,195 have never been played.  Put another way:  we listen to about 19% of the music we own.

Wow, that is shocking….what a waste of time and money.

Do you use iTunes?  If so, is your library close to the size of the average listed above?

A blog at CANN is not complete without some fun pictures of Clay Aiken.  The following pictures are from Clay’s performance at Broadway Backwards last January.

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  1. Great pictures of Clay, always nice!

    I guess I'm a little more picky of what I download. My iTunes doesn't have anything I don't listen to.

  2. I'm not too surprised by that information – we clutter up our life and time with so much that isn't
    even cared about.
    Now, pictures of Clay and Clay music is never clutter and always made good use of. At least in my
    life. Love all of the pictures and all your information is most interesting!! Thankyou CANN.

  3. Wow, It certainly looks like a lot of money is being wasted, but not by me. I have downloaded seventy-four songs to my PC. Twelve are from I-tunes and the rest are from CDs. I have played them hundreds of times – either through my I-pod or my wall mounted stereo CD player.
    Yes, they are all songs that are sung by Clay Aiken. Gave up on any others a long time ago. Clay is the only singing artist who I am interested in right now. He somehow sprinkles magic into every song he sings. I have definitely enjoyed them a lot more than my money's worth.

    Love the Broadway Backwards photos this time around. Clay certainly had magic in his voice at that appearance. Looks mighty fine too!

  4. The only music I have downloaded from ITunes is Clay's. I would say I play Clay's music all the time, so I certainly have gotten my money's worth. I try listening to others, to break it up a bit…and it happens for a little bit…then I'm just back listening to Clay. I know what I like, and I like the best singer on the planet. I keep shuffling Clay's music around..and it keeps me going, and makes me happy. I could not want for more……well…only more music from Clay!!!!! I have hundreds of CD's, and they sit their collecting dust. Just Clay….all the time!!!!!

  5. I dislike iTunes, like lots. I do not purchase or download music that I am not interested in. Right now I seem to be stuck – I don't like popular music in its current incarnation (with a few exceptions). Right now my shuffle is pretty eclectic. I go from The Clash, to Squeeze, to Rockpile, to Nirvana, to Wynonna Judd, to Joan Jett, to Heart – but for some reason I always come back to Clay Aiken. When I'm doing something I dislike immensely, like oh, let's say yard work, I put all my Clay music on shuffle and time stands still. All of a sudden I'm actually looking forward to doing yard work =)) Interesting blog – goes to show that the majority are sheep and will buy what the industry tells them to buy, whether they like it or not.

  6. I listen to my CD's of Clay all of the time. From time to time I will buy something from Sade, Michael Jackson, Journey's Greatest Hits, Alicia Keyes, Slumdog Millionaire and yes, even Rod Stewart. But, then I will play them a few times..and go back to my one and only favorite Clay. Lately, it has been Clay only.

    Lovin those pictures of Clay from Broadway Backwards. He sang the shissnits out of that song. I watch that video quite often.

  7. I have only downloaded a few songs from ITunes-less than 10- and they are all Clay's. I listen to only Clay 99% of the time. Thanks for posting the great Clay photos!

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