Clay Aiken – Are You In The Clouds?

Monday, June 6th, the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference was held in San Francisco.  Steve Jobs delivered the keynote address and announced news about the new, free service, iCloud.

Jobs said the new, free service, iCloud, would replace the personal computer as the central hub of people’s digital lives by storing photos, music and documents. Relying on the PC, he said, no longer works now that millions of people have multiple devices, each with photos, documents, songs, phone applications and other files.

I would love to see all my Clay Aiken music and photos on all my computers and my iPhone.  Of course, I will have to pay the extra $25 a year to download much of my Clay Aiken library.  I have songs from concerts, TV programs and even Clay’s Pre-AI songs in my library.  But, to me, they are worth the $25 if I can listen to the songs wherever I go.

According to Jobs, there will be a new version of iTunes to help all our music and pictures join the cloud. And, the number of songs an iTunes Match subscriber can store is unlimited.

One of the interesting things that came out of the yesterday’s Apple Worldwide Developer Conference was some of the data from iTune….it is really amazing.

  • Apple is celebrating its 15 billionth song download since opening the ‘iTunes Music Store’ in mid-2003
  • Apple has sold 200 million iOS devices (including iPhones, iPod touches, iPads).
  • The iPad accounts for 25 million in sales
  • More than 14 billion apps have been sold.
  • 130 million ebooks have been purchased from the iBookstore.

It looks like Apple is not suffering during the on-going financial slowdown

If I had to guess, I would imagine that Clay Aiken would be first in line for this new iTunes feature

Do you have an iTunes account?  Is the new iTunes Cloud something you are interested in?  Do you listen to Clay on your iPod/iPhone?

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8 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Are You In The Clouds?

  1. Thanks for all the information Musicfan. Sounds great to me. I have all my Clay music stored on my iphone right now. Very interesting. I also got a email from an article that Bob Lefsetz about the Apple conference yesterday. Not sure I'm understanding it all, but it is very interesting. Right now I'm not sure if I need the icloud, as I have all of Clay's music…but I'm sure down the line, it will be something I will have to look into…

  2. Interesting information. Thanks. I dont do cell phones or anything; just my laptop, but it is still important info to know where Clay is concerned.

  3. Thanks for all the interesting information! I don't know about the iCloud, would need to see it in action. I do listen to Clay on my iPod though! 🙂 I can take all his songs everywhere I go!

  4. I cannot say that I understand all there is about the "Cloud" or "iCloud" . I have Windows live mail (Hotmail) and every time I attach a photo to email, I get a pop up wanting to know if I want to use the "Cloud". I have no clue if I want to or not. o.0 The things I have learned being a fan of Clay Aiken. 😀

    • It is amazing how much we have all learned because of Clay Aiken!! The OFC is the first fan club I ever joined!!

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