Clay Aiken – He Was Chatty and Special!

Happy Tuesday to All!!

Monday was an exciting day, but very long for me.  After the taping of the 2  The Talk Shows, my husband and I drove over 400 miles to get home as soon as possible.  Too bad no-one warned us that the construction on the I-5 required the highway to be one lane for a few miles….. twice!!

However, every  mile was worth it!!  The two days in LA were wonderful!!

Both days were entirely different and I got to see Clay in two different ways.  At the Outfest appearance, Clay seemed so relaxed.  It was great to see the respect and friendship from the entire panel.  They were all having a good time and proud of what they are doing.  Clay was just part of the group and they obviously respected his talent and included him as part of the family.

At The Talk, we saw Clay in a different way.  He was a wonderful guest.  He was chatty and made a point of saying something special to each of the ladies.  However, this was “I’m on TV” Clay!!  That feeling of relaxation was not there…and that certainly makes sense.  Perhaps I would never have picked up on it if I hadn’t seen him two days in a row.

During the commercial breaks, Clay stayed seated and talked quietly to each of the ladies and they all seemed to enjoy having Clay as a guest.

If I had to guess I would bet that the audience for The Talk was about 1/2 Clay fans.  We were scattered throughout the studio.   Most of the fans were supportive, but not trying to be the center of attention!!  We just enjoyed Clay and supported him!  Unfortunately, my husband and I were seated in the first row of the upper level, right behind the camera men and the cue card man.  On most days, this would be interesting, but I could not see as much as you all did on TV.  The only time I could see Clay was when he entered and left.  I looked at the tiny screen on the camera and could almost see what was happening!!

The second show had Craig Ferguson as the main guest and will be shown on August 1st.  The Talk was very organized and the staff was very nice.  It is a very professionally run show.  That being said, I probably will not watch it again unless Clay is on.  The ladies were pleasant, but it is not my “cup of tea.”

One of the most rewarding aspects of the experience was having the opportunity to meet and chat with so many wonderful Clay fans.  We had an hour break between the shows so I was able to talk to many of the  fans.   Each fan was a gem and each one unique in their own way. .. but how wonderful to see that Clay is loved by so many!

Of course, there was lots of talk about what Clay said on the show.  Each one had their own opinion of what Clay meant.  But, because we could talk to each other, the opinion that I got from the fans was very positive and full of excitement.

I want to end with a big thank you to all the wonderful people I had a chance to chat with over the last few days.  There is just something special about Clay Aiken fans.  Their hearts are full and they make others feel so good!!  I have made true friends !!

PS:  Tomorrow we will be back to our regular schedule.  Thanks to all of you for letting me share my exciting Clay adventure with you!!

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15 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – He Was Chatty and Special!

  1. Musicfan, thanks for being our on-site reporter. I never saw The Talk either until this show, but I find that I like it so much more than The View. I could hear each person talk, Clay got to answer the questions, and there was no shouting each other down.

    As for Clay, I just love him.

  2. MusicFan – Thankyou for such a thorough review – it is so appreciated. I have to agree with you
    on a few things. I have always noticed Clays different personalities in different situations. He is
    so much more "on" when he is on the "talk" shows – borderline hyper on occassion. But on the
    Fest panel his demeaner was calm and introspective, biting lip quite a bit, just didn't seem really
    comfortable except when he was speaking.Then he seemed fine.The 2 WRAL interviews were
    the two best, I have ever seen – seemed totally himself and very comfortable. Those were my
    favorite interviews ever. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable for him – just watching. On stage singing
    is where he really shines – I do love all of whatever he does – it's just sometimes I feel or see
    discomfort in his ways. Just my opinion!

  3. So glad you got to go and be a part of this and to meet some of the fans. He looked wonderful and everyone seemed to enjoy him!

  4. Thank you Musicfan for your reports from the weekend…Great job. Sorry you didn't have a better seat at "The Talk"…but there is video…so you can watch it all again. There is nothing like seeing Clay live…in whatever he does though…. He is just special. Now we just wait for DDD. I sure hope someone captures it, cause I can't seem to get that show up here in Canada….even on "slice"

  5. Thank you for the eyewitness reports of Clay's appearances. It was something we all enjoyed reading.

    Too bad about your bad seat at the taping of The Talk, but nice that you had a chance to talk to other fans. Clay fans are an amazing group of people.

    Hope you can relax today!!

  6. Thank you Music fan for the wonderful recap, and I am glad you had an amazing time. I always love seeing Clay on talk shows. He looked gorgeous on The Talk, and I like the little Parker story. BTW, I support him no matter what, all I want for him is be happy and wish him the best.

    • cherry…….you have such a great attitude. I feel the same way. I want Clay to be happy.

      BUT….I still feel there is more to come!!

  7. Thanks for all your reporting to keep us informed. Sooo glad you got the opportunity to attend the events and meet other Clay fans. Loved seeing Clay on TV again!!

  8. Thank you so much musicfan for that very enjoyable recap. I watched and recorded "The Talk" show on TV, but it's great to hear from someone like you who actually was there and give us a first-hand recap of what happened behind the scenes. I know how wonderful it is to see the show and and to see Clay in person. Now, I have something new to play and watch everyday and I've been looking forward to more Clay guestings that are being lined-up.

  9. Musicfan, Thanks so much for your recap of your two Clay sightings. Much appreciated!
    I loved that you met so many Clay fans and got to chat with them. Total bonus of this fandom is the new friends we make and keep, right? Clay was great in both his outings and it was so good to see him after such a long dry spell.
    I also recorded The Talk so I could play Clay back. I had never watched The Talk before and found I preferred the show over The View. I will watch The View again.
    Thx again!

  10. musicfan123 – Has your excitement from the weekend simmered down a bit? Don't calm down too quickly since we still have DDD come Sunday. Oh I forgot, you have already previewed it. Glad you enjoyed your wonderful experiences and had the opportunity to see Clay live. Too bad about your obstructed view at the Talk show. That was really very uncool.

    Your reports about the goings on have been terrific and nicely detailed. Clay surely looked scrumptious for all his appearances and sounded great when he spoke. The enthusiasm coming from the fans was at fever pitch. Thanks for your constant dedication at keeping us in the know.

  11. Thanks for the detailed account, musicfan! I support Clay in whatever he wants to do in his life. I just want him to be happy.

  12. Thanks for your reports on The View Music Fan. I am so sorry that you had a bad seat and didn't have a good view of Clay. After all, he is the Main Man, right? I just loved him on the show…I think he brightens up any show. He has such charisma…and is so handsome. I loved the little blurb they showed of Clay's part on DDD. Oh my…I can't wait to see all of that…and he says he is not an actor?

    I also loved the part about Parker. He sounds so adorable…and is already stating his opinion about Clay's singing. Lol! But, he does love to hear daddy's CD in the car. Thought it was funny what one of the ladies said about Clay listening to his own music in the car. Clay thought that was funny also. In my opinion, he was adorable on The Talk.

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