Clay Aiken – SMILE!!!

On August 6th, 2006, the popular television show, Entertainment Tonight,  featured Clay Aiken’s photo shoot for his new album,  A Thousand Different Ways.

The show spent a great deal of time filming Miranda Penn Turin, the photographer who took thousands of pictures of Clay.  The photo shoot was held at a beautiful home in Southern California.

I know that you have probably seen these pictures before, but they are worth a second look.  I hope you enjoy them.


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11 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – SMILE!!!

  1. Clay has had so many different photos over these past 8 1/2 yr and every one stirs different and beautiful feelings. Just his face alone, leaving his voice out of it, is something that can be studied
    for long periods of time!!! Add the voice and he is a true "MasterPiece" !!! He is a blessing!
    Thankyou for being a constant reminder of that blessing.

  2. I remember these…my fav is the hands. My favorite features are the hands and the eyes!! I always felt the eyes are the windows to the soul…..and Clay certainly has a good spirit right?

  3. I remember this so well. Waiting in anticipation for ATDW. Thanks for the pictures again….It's always nice to go back down memory lane, and you can never have enough pictures of Clay…we know that by now!!!!!!

  4. OMG – it's another bonanza of beautiful and excellent photos. Of course they are obviously extra special with Clay being the gorgeous subject. I honestly cannot pick which one I like best. They are all spectacular. Love the serious look of Clay Aiken. What a great photo shoot. Thanks for the day brightener.

  5. I remember this like it was yesterday. I was glued to the tv for any news about the new album.
    It was so thrilling to hear just a couple of snippets from the new album. I still enjoy ATDW.
    Cannot wait for the anticpation of another Clay Aiken album. I know I'll have to be patient, but I'll be here when his next CD is out.

  6. Coming late to the fandom, it's always a joy when I can say "I remember that!!!!" I remember that!!! For some weird reason, I really enjoy seeing videos of Clay having his photo taken. He just takes control.

  7. I loved the part in the video when Clay was blowing his hair out of his eyes and the photo of him in the corner overlooking the forest. It looks like he is out on a ledge not inside a room. 🙂
    ATDW is still one of my favorite Clay CDs.

  8. I really appreciate what Cookie said about Clay’s eyes – that is how I feel, too! They are

    so clear and bright – straight to the soul!!

  9. Oh my! He looked absolutely gorgeous. I remember watching this on ET..and how exciting it was. We couldn't wait for the album to be out. Myself, I love it. Clay has it all…but, those eyes are the best. I love when he gives those serious looks…how sexy.

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