Clay Aiken – Can You Imagine Millions Watching?


Can you imagine what it must be like to sing for a live audience of over a half a million people as well as millions watching on TV? Well, this was a reality that Clay Aiken experienced on July 4, 2004.

From the west lawn of the Capitol, Clay joined a cast of some of the country’s best-known and award-winning musical artists in the PBS concert called A Capitol Fourth. Featuring patriotic classics as well as pop and country favorites, it was a night that got the audience on their feet and dancing to the beat of the fabulous music.

The concert was hosted by veteran actor and singer Barry Bostwick and, besides Clay, featured Nashville superstars Vince Gill and Amy Grant, legendary Bee Gees member Robin Gibb, and gospel legend Yolanda Adams. There was also a special 150th birthday salute to famed American composer and conductor John Philip Sousa, whose “Stars and Stripes Forever” has become a tradition on Independence Day. The soloists all joined the internationally renowned National Symphony Orchestra, directed by Erich Kunzel.

Clay started off the concert by singing The Star Spangled Banner with the symphony. According to the reviews, it was an outstanding rendition of our national anthem.

Later in the program, Barry Bostwick, who was very glowing in his praise of Clay and his relatively short musical career, introduced Clay. Measure of A Man was appropriately chosen as Clay’s first feature song. He sang it with a lot of emotion and the cameras showed close-ups of our brave service men and women who were a part of the audience. It was a very moving performance. Clay closed his part of the program by singing God Bless The USA, a patriotic song that was strong and dynamic.

Heard live in stereo over National Public Radio, A Capitol Fourth was broadcast to U.S. military personnel in more than 135 countries by the American Forces Radio and Television Network.

A Capitol Fourth in 2004 was a birthday party to our nation and a July 4th tradition much like hot dogs, watermelon and fireworks. It was a wonderful evening of musical entertainment that was topped off by an exciting display of fireworks over the Washington Monument.

The following videos show the Clay Aiken parts of the concert.




As we all take time to celebrate the anniversary of the beginning of our nation, CANN hopes that you enjoy some time with family and friends while remembering what a privilege it is to be an American.  Happy 4th of July and thanks for all your support.

I will be celebrating the Holiday with my family so this blog is our July 4th week-end entry.

We will be back on Tuesday, July 5th!


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21 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Can You Imagine Millions Watching?

  1. Thank you so much MusicFan – you did a fantastic report of that “very special” 2004

    Celebration of the 4th of July!!!

    Won’t ever forget watching that on T.V. with a lot of my family in the room watching it right

    along with me. Clay made us all proud and excited to see him there standing so tall and

    handsome – just glowing , as he does with every performance. He was definitely in

    excellent company that evening! Barry Bostwick did give him great praises,which he

    greatly deserved and is still deserving till this day!! Thanks for the memories.

    Have a Happy 4th of July with your family, also!!! 🙂

  2. Happy July 4th…to all my American Friends!!!!

    Wonderful review Musicfan….it's always nice to go back and watch Clay. This must have been quite a moment for him. No one sings the Star Spangled Banner better than Clay "Live".

    Hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow, spent with family and friends, and most importantly celebrating this special day.

  3. Clay did such a wonderful job on the Capitol 4th. Thanks for the great blog and all that you do Musicfan. Happy 4th of July to everyone ! 🙂

  4. I was there at the Capitol that year. Celebrating with my mom an dad and aunts and uncles. We had a blast! It was a wonderful program. I would love to see him do another Capitol 4th or Memorial Day at the Capitol or the Christmas program in Washington. He would be wonderful!

  5. Thank you so much for posting this. I was going to try to dig out my taped version of this, but now I just watched it here and I'll watch it again tomorrow. I remember being so incredibly proud of him that evening. And I still am incredibly proud of Clay Aiken. Hope that some day he'll be able to do another July 4th performance. Nobody sings the National Anthem like Clay.
    Have a wonderful day with your family tomorrow. Your work here is greatly appreciated.

  6. So nice to watch that special 4th of July in Washington with Clay. No one sings the SSB like Clay. Hope everyone has a great day with family and friends.

  7. This is a beautiful blog today. I am enjoying the writing and the beautiful pictures, videos and graphics.

    Thank you!! AND..yes… need a day off to enjoy your family!!

    I miss Clay!!!

  8. I was so proud seeing Clay sing at this special event……….and he was so good!!

    Thank you for posting the videos. I will watch and then watch again!!

    I hope Clay has a wonderful holiday with his family. Will it include fireworks for Parker to watch?

  9. I remember watching the Capitol 4th, that year. I was so very proud of Clay as he stood tall and sang the Star Spangled Banner and Proud to Be An American like no one else can. Watching it gave me chills. The crowd was so enthusiastic and welcoming to Clay.

  10. I watched this on television when it first came on. I was so amazed and proud of Clay. A few years later he would tell that between performances and after he had such high anxiety that he felt like he was having a heart attack. I think I would feel the same way being in front of all those people.

  11. Thank you for this great blog. I am so glad I found it.

    Clay Aiken is such a great singer and I remember when he sang for the 4th. I was really proud of him as he stood there and sang to the millions of people.

    I look forward to your next blog.

  12. Thanks musicfan for bringing us breaking news, old news and good memories of Clay each day. Have a fantastic 4th with your family.

  13. HAPPY 4TH OF JULY ALL!!!! Eat lots and blow things up!!!

    Thanks musicfan for the great blog – Clay did an amazing job that day!!

  14. Happy 4th of July to CANN and all its readers. Clay sang wonderfully on the Capital 4th. I watch this program every year and was thrilled that Clay got to be a part of it that year.

  15. Clay shone like such a bright star during his appearance of the 2004 Capital 4th celebration. He certainly did dazzle with his outstanding voice and continues to do so along with his charming personality. God bless the USA and God bless Clay Aiken. Happy 4th of July everyone!

  16. Thank you so much for this blog today . That was a wonderful celebration of our country's freedom and Clay was just perfect in bringing a tribute to our country through his marvelous voice. Thanks for bringing back such a great memory!

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