Clay Aiken – Expect The Unexpected!

The Barbara Mann Performing Arts Center is in Ft. Myers, Florida. As part of the Edison Community College, the new theater seats 1,753 patrons.

On August 16, 2007, Clay Aiken performed at the Mann Theater as part of his Soft Rock and A Hard Place tour. Accompanied by a professional orchestra, the concert was received well by the residence of the area and the fans that traveled to see the show.

Since the four concerts in Florida were scheduled for the end of the tour, most of the audience knew what to expect and was excited to see and hear Clay perform some of the songs from his latest CD and some fun medleys.

But the audience was surprised by two unusual and fun occurrences during the concert. The first was when Clay spotted Scarlett, one of the best “Clack” gatherers in the front row, filming the concert. After teasing her, he asked for the camera and took some “Clack” of his own. It was a fun addition to the concert that Scarlett filmed with her back-up camera. The audience was in stitches and the orchestra on stage was laughing too.

The other unusual event that night had to do with a spot-light technician who must not have been too bright, or….. maybe he was sleepy!! Quiana Parler always ended the first half of the concert with a wonderful rendition of “When The Lights Go Down.” But for some reason, the technician would not put the spotlight on her. Clay spoke to the guy, signaled to him, walked over to Quiana and signaled again. But……no, the light stayed on Clay. So, Clay sat on Quiana’s stool and Quiana sat on his lap. That situation would make it difficult for anyone to perform, but Clay added to the fun by teasing and caressing her arms and back. How could she concentrate?? And with all the craziness, Quiana’s performance was spectacular!

Below, you will find videos of the two special events of the Ft. Myers Concert. There is also a video of one of my favorite songs. Videos will have to tide us over for now.

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24 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Expect The Unexpected!

  1. Poor Clay. An unfortunate haircut, dye job and weight gain from Paxil… not a good look. Oh well, he looks good any other time in his life.

    • So sad that you have that perception….Me??? I would rather think of what a fun concert Clay gave to us. He sang well, he made us laugh and we all left the concert feeling happy. That is far more important to me than a haircut.

      I just want to thank Clay for all that he has give to me!!

    • You know, I agree – this probably wasn't Clay's "best look". But I don't think it's a matter of "Poor Clay". Clay has never been about what's on the outside – this is a man who goes out in public in wrinkled shorts and a comfortable shirt. He is not a vain person, and I think that is an admirable quality.

      I find it a breath of fresh air to follow someone who cares more about others than he does about his own image. He spends more time with his fans, with his foundation and with his causes, then he does on his hair. I don't think his appearance makes or breaks him as an entertainer, but then I try very hard not to judge people by their appearance – do you?

      • This is why people hate "Claymates." You guys can't take anything even somewhat negative towards Clay. All I meant was it wasn't his best look. We all like the way he looks, I'm guessing, but I was just saying that this time wasn't exactly his best. I said POOR CLAY because he was going through a lot with the Paxil, not because he looked bad. You ladies are taking it way out of context. I've always said if Clay would dress a little differently, he would be a bigger name in the industry. Most people want a whole package. Not just a big voice. This is referring to other people, not us. Yes, I include myself in "us" because I've been a fan from the first "taaake tiiime." I have been supporting him for 8 years just like I'm sure you have. I only wish you guys could be more friendly towards others and understand we don't all have to like every song Clay sings or every look he has ever had. We all know he is great in concert, that is a given, it doesn't even have to be said, it is known. I don't care for this haircut or look because it brings back memories of bad times for Clay.

        • Rachel, on the internet it is very hard to decipher people's motivation when posting. Your original choice of wording, to me, was condescending. I don't think anyone took the comment out of context, as much as they took it at face value – poor Clay, bad haircut, bad color and weight gain.

          Thank you for clarifying. I think we probably all ached for Clay (ha! we were Achin').

        • I don't always like the way Clay looks and sometimes wish his hair or clothes were different, but as a fan I don't post those opinions publicly. I'm here to support Clay so any negative comments (which are rare) are done in private.

  2. Oh that was so much fun! I was at those concerts and they were the BEST EVAH!! Thanks for bringing back all those great memories! A Clay Aiken concert is the only place to be!

  3. Another stroll down memory lane. My Clayfriends and I went to all 4 concerts
    in Florida. That incident with Scarlett is one of the funniest (if not the funniest)
    interactions with fans. Thanks for this blog.

  4. Seriously….Clay is just so great in concert. There is nothing like seeing Clay "Live". You just never know what he is going to say or do. He always cracks me up. Thanks for posting these videos again, Musicfan. Ft. Myers had to be one of the best, fun concerts of that year. That is saying something…cause they all were great….all different…but so much fun. I loved that tour. But then again…I love all the tours…

  5. Clay is so fun in concert. It’s anazing how adorable he is. These Open Arms is such a great song. It’s one of my favorites from ATDW. Thanks for the great videos.

  6. Love this!! I wasn't in Florida, but I did get to see the concert live in NC. It is so much fun to go on these trips of remembering!!

    Thank you!!

  7. Commenting with a biting critique of a person's looks is not nice. The focus of the blog was on Clay's performance. It was exciting, superb, funny and wonderful. His voice was in tip-top condition and the audience loved every minute of it. Clay was adorable!

  8. Oh Clay changes his hair style constantly. So what. The thing that I care about is THAT VOICE! And this was 4 years ago – look up at the banner – he's one foxy looking guy these days!

  9. I just wanted to say that I loved the way Clay looked during the SRHP Tour in 2007. Loved his haircut, but then again…I loved the beatles hair. I remember getting a quick handshake after a couple of the concerts, and I still to this day remember being able to smell how fresh and clean he smelled. Oh No….I wouldn't change a darn thing… It was a great tour, and I think he looked pretty darn good, and sounded even better. Such a great entertainer!!!!

  10. Wonderful videos. Brings back delightful memories. Clay was so adorable throughout the SRHP. tour. I was lucky enough to attend all four concerts in California.

    As for the above-mentioned critique of Clay….why does any FAN find it necessary to find fault and comment about it? Clay surely has enough non-fans to take care of that department. I just get so much joy out of my fandom that it would never occur to me to mention anything abut Clay that I think isn't perfect.

  11. I agree with Judy Anderson and even though some others may not have liked that hair do I did. Also why bring up old stuff anyways. Clay lived though that time with his head held high and that's what should be remembered.

  12. Thanks Sandy.

    I was just thinking….Clay was sporting the "Beiber" haircut…before Justin Beiber!!!!!!!!! What a trend setter!!!!!!! hahahaha

  13. This concert was so much fun. We were in the first 3 rows and I had my daughters and a granddaughter there. Clay's performance was just fabulous. He is an amazing all-around entertainer.

  14. I have always thought that what is on the outside (hair color, bad hair day, weight gain etc.) is not as important as what is on the inside of a person, and to me Clay has the biggest heart, and his concerts are always so much fun. Thanks for the memories once again CANN!

  15. Those were fun moments from the SRHP tour. Seeing the videos makes me want another tour right now.

  16. Well I really don't pay much attention to his "look" because I am so enthralled by his singing and his great sense of humor. I love that whatever unusual happens at a concert that he can turn it into a good experience getting laughs and making the most of it. Remember when he and Quiana did the version of "Listen " because Angela was sick?. That just blew me away, it was wonderful. He has the best voice , the best sense of humor and puts on a fabulous show!

  17. Speaking of the Florda Shows….I got to see the very last show in Orlando. That was such a fun show. These Open Arms has always been one of my most favorite songs from ATDW. I am listening to that CD right now. Love it. Clay puts on the best shows…and I love his banter with the audience. Can't wait for the next tour.

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