Clay Aiken – Summer Memories!

It’s the Dog Days of Summer…it’s hot…it’s muggy…and the kids are getting restless.  For those of us in California, the kids are returning to school…it’s that time!

Some years ago I thought summer was:  sprinklers, Popsicles, bug bites, bare feet and lots of laughter.  But my remembrances of summer changed drastically during the summer of 2004.  Now my summer memories include concert tours and television concert series.  Oh…what fun memories!

Clay Aiken was a musical guest for three years on the Summer Concert Series sponsored by Good Morning America.

On July 2nd, 2004, GMA held their concert series in Bryant Park. There were over 3,000 people in the audience and it was reported to be the largest audience ever for a GMA concert.  Clay sang Invisible, I Will Carry You and I Survived You.

The next summer, Clay was again on the Summer Concert Series.  He was back at Bryant Park on July 29th, 2005.  The concert was the morning after opening night of the Jukebox Tour. Clay sang Invisible, Suspicious Minds, and Back For More. According to those in attendance, Clay sang Twisting The Night Away in the warm-up. There was another large audience and Clay seemed to enjoy joking with the excited audience members.

The third time Clay was on the GMA Summer Concert Series was on May 7th, 2008.  This time the concert was held in-studio. The studio was packed with fans. Clay had a short interview with Diane Sawyer but she had a bad case of laryngitis so Robin Roberts had to step in. Clay sang On My Way Here and Ashes.  It’s too bad that Ashes was not broadcast but only put on the ABC website.

Which one of these concerts was your favorite?  Did you get to attend one of these concerts in person?  I love these summer memories!!

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16 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Summer Memories!

  1. I love seeing Clay on GMA and hopefully we'll see him there again soon. Thanks for the good memories! 🙂

  2. I was at Bryant Park in 2004 and at the GMA studio in 2008. I was physically there in NY in 2005 but woke up with a bad migraine so I could not walk to Bryant Park. We were at Toms River the day before for the opening of the Jukebox Tour. I remember driving from my house to Toms River to pick up tickets then to NY to drop off my sisters and niece at the hotel. Then I drove back to Toms River for the concert, lost (dropped it) my car keys in the shuttle bus to and from the parking lot to the venue. After the concert, I drove back to NY with 6 Claymates in my car. I watched Clay in my hotel room TV. Still and all, those are wonderful memories I will always treasure.

  3. Oh, WOW, I sure do love these Summer Memories, esp. the first one in 2004!!!! I was lucky enough to be in the First Row and loved it!! Met lots of new Clay friends and it was the beginning of our great adventure with Clay!!!! Can't wait to see what the future holds!!

  4. Great post. I loved each of these concerts. I wish I had been there, but at least I saw them on TV.

    Happy Birthday, Musicfan!! I hope you have a great day!!

    Thank you for this post and all the pictures!!

  5. I watched each one of these concerts at home on my TV. But, I certainly loved them. I have them taped…think I will watch them again. Loving all the pictures. Can't pick a favorite concert…but, the pictures I like the best are from 2008. Loved him as a blond. Gahhhh!!!!! Hoping to see him on the GMA Summer Concerts again.

  6. I was at none, and only saw 2008 "real time" (although I've watched the others many many many times). Clay Aiken is such an amazing live performer!!!!

    I will second Happy Birthday to you!!!!

  7. I went to the second concert in Bryant Park right after the JBT opening in Toms River. We were up all night in a long line which went around the corner when we got there at 1AM. A teenager who loved Clay was in line with her mom. They were visiting from out of town and saw the line from their hotel window. Lots of interaction with the band, Diane, Robin and a soap opera actress. Don't know her name. Fun times.

    I have video from it somewhere that I took with my video camera. I'll find it someday.

    Happy Birthday musicfan!!

  8. I watched all three GMA television appearances, but the one I always return to is the 2005 one. Maybe because I never get tired of hearing Clay sing Suspicious Minds. Invisible is a given, but it did take me a while (from a lot of sources) to understand all the words to Back For More. Even so, I always liked the beat and how Clays sounds singing it.
    *Happy Birthday* to you, musicfan123. We share the same birthday month. I knew there was a special reason I liked you!

  9. First things first….HAPPY BIRTHDAY Musicfan!!!! Have a great day!!!!!

    I loved all of Clay's appearances…but I have to say that I am partial to the JBT05… I'll take Clay singing anytime, anywhere…he never disappoints. Thanks for posting the pictures…it sure is nice to look back on these appearances.

  10. I loved Clay's appearances on GMA. I was not able to attend any of them live but watched them on TV. Those appearances usually started at the beginning of a tour also. I remember sitting in the heat just waiting for the show to begin. Once Clay appeared the heat from the weather was the last thing on my mind. I still have so many fond memories of those hot summers and those wonderful outdoor Clay concerts. Thanks for reminding of those great shows.

  11. I'll add my Happy Birthday greetings, too, and thank you for all you do for us! Love your blogs and look forward to them each day!


  12. Clay was wonderful on all the GMA's Summer Concert Series appearances! How can anyone choose between them. How adorable he was in 2004; that shirt and those pants are to die for on him. In 2005, I loved that shirt. He was so cute and sounded great! In 2008, I loved the blonde Spamalot-era hair on Clay. Look at that smile. How can one not be charmed. My eyes adored him in all three.

  13. Thanks for sharing the photos and memories of Clay on GMA. Diane is definitely one of us and I think Robin is a fan as well. 😀

  14. I especially loved the July 29. 2005 one. Perhaps it was because I knew I'd be seeing him live in CT that same night. Was excited all day long and that JBT concert was fabulous!!
    Found out later that several of my RI Clay buddies (hadn't met them yet) were in NYC for the GMA concert. They had gone to Tom's River, then NYC and CT. It was quite an adventure for them.

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