Clay Aiken – It’s Pepsi Time

The following E-mail was sent out to many supporters of the National Inclusion Project on August 2nd.

We Need Your Help!

We have been accepted and are competing in the Pepsi Refresh contest for $50K in August!

Pepsi has adjusted the format of the contest. Here are the updates:

  • There is no rollover month to month. We either win in August or we are out!
  • You can still vote 3 ways: Facebook, our direct Pepsi page, and text.
  • Our direct Pepsi page:
  • Text 108169 to Pepsi 73774.
  • You have 5 votes for each method of voting every day. You can only place one vote per method per day to a given idea.
  • POWER VOTES: Find Power Votes on specially marked Pepsi products. Go to, click on power votes, enter the code and they give you a number of extra votes. All of the power votes can be voted for a single idea. You can “cash in” 10 power vote codes daily. The number of power votes you win may be as few as 5 or could be 100 or more.
  • There are 10 winners in the $50K category which is now the highest award possible.

Click here to sign up to receive a daily reminder to vote!

Thank you for your support!

The following are some hints for using Power Votes from


In case anyone has questions regarding the power voting, here’s some step by step instructions:

1. You must be logged through Pepsi Refresh – not Facebook. You can log out and log in at the lower left corner of the Refresh screen.
2. Along the top of the page are several links – look for the yellow link that’s titled “Power Vote” and click on that link
3. Enter the power code in the white area and click “activate”
4. Once activated, it will give you the number of additional votes (anywhere between 5 and 100). Right under the number of additional votes, there are two links. If you activated your code after voting for National Inclusion Project or if you used the Project’s link to access the site, you want to click on the link that says “return to your last idea” and it will take you right back to the Project’s voting page
5. You will see a yellow voting tab that says “Power Vote” – all of your additional votes will be cast at one time
6. You can activate up to 10 individual power codes per day

Let’s get ‘er done!!!!

The National Inclusion Project makes an impact with thousands of children nationwide and raises the national consciousness about the need for and benefits of inclusion.

So…contact your friends, relatives and boss!!  We all need to step up and help win $50,000 for

The National Inclusion Project!!

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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – It’s Pepsi Time

  1. Good Luck everying in voting.

    Question though….Can Canadians vote this time? We couldn't before, and I haven't seen anything about that?

    Good luck with voting everyone!!!!!

  2. I voted yesterday and today already. Will vote every day through the month of August. It is for such a good cause..N.I.P.

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