Clay Aiken – He’s Just A Regular Guy

Were you one of the more than 800 people who participated in the live video chat with Clay Aiken?  Held during the evening of Monday, August 1, 2011, Clay Aiken shared stories, answered questions and laughed with us about an array of topics.

Clay was witty and relaxed as he chatted.  He carefully avoided questions about his personal life and his future professional plans, but most of his fans knew that these topics were out of bounds.

What did he have to say?  Well…it was an hour…Clay shared a lot of information with his fans.  These are a few things that I remember.

  • Presidents he would like to have met…Harry Truman and Lyndon Johnson…  Favorite President..Jimmy Carter
  • Practices a sugar-free diet since the beginning of the Tried & True Tour
  • Loved the show, The Apprentice and left the door open for Celebrity Apprentice
  • Favorite movie…Whale Rider
  • Most significant singer right now…Bruno Mars
  • Concerned about the bad grammar and spelling that Twitter and texting is causing.
  • Just finished reading THE HELP (Kathryn Stockett)… he couldn’t put it down
  • Now reading MUDBOUND (Hillary Jordan)
  • Enjoys a lot of British TV…his favorite is Downton Abbey.
  • Would love to write a children’s book
  • Favorite city in Canada…Toronto, but is looking forward to visiting Victoria.
  • I am trying to figure out what Clay was doing wandering the halls of a hotel with just one shoe…was he wearing the shoe…was it in his hand…and why did he leave it there?  I bet he wishes he knew too!!

Perhaps the best part of the night was when Clay shared some personal moments with us.  He made it feel like he was sharing with friends.  Clay laughed about the effects of the Paxil, but it must have been difficult.  And, the story about his friend Merle was very touching!

I loved the following quotes from some fans:

He’s just a regular guy who happens to be living in a fishbowl. Jeez, I love him even more after seeing this chat.

Clay was just sitting at his desk, talking to us. He just touches my heart. I just cannot love the guy anymore…but I know I will.

I thought tonight we got something very few of us have ever seen – and that was Clay being himself. Not Clay the entertainer – but Clay. Loved it. He’s got me for forever.

What a fun night this has been. I want to do it again!      

I agree…it was a wonderful night!!  Did you see the chat?  What was your favorite thing about the video chat?

Voting started August 1, at Pepsi for the National Inclusion Project.  You can log in with your email address, with facebook, and you can text to Pepsi to vote.

I will try and get more information about how we can help and pass it along.

You can visit the main page of Pepsi refresh and get started!  REFRESH

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17 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – He’s Just A Regular Guy

  1. Oh that was so much fun last night. I sure hope he does it again. That chat room was FLYING with questions! He had quite a time keeping up. It was nice he was also reading questions that were submitted earlier as well. I bet he does that again next time. Oh and by the way, he was just gorgeous wasn't he????

  2. I loved and thoroughly enjoyed our Video Chat with Clay. There were many interesting, laughable and serious moments. The one I will always remember is when, for the second time, Clay told of how stressed, nervous, and terrified he was before his first pre Spamalot appearance -after coming out moments were. But this was the first time he mentioned how one of his co-stars, Merle Daindridge, spoke words of comfort to him which helped calm him before that appearance. It's quite an inspiring story, seeing as how many of Clay's fans often relate about how Clay calms them in times of stress with his singing ,concerts, and many other appearances.
    Thanks for the great blog and highlighting some of the special moments of the very first OFC Video Chat.

  3. The video chat was so much fun. I loved every minute of it. I love that Clay laughed with us and also shared some serious times.

    You really got a lot of things listed….Sure hope he does Las Vegas with Ruben and he made me go listen to Nicki Minaj.

    Now… to voting for Pepsi!!

    Thank you for all the info.

  4. That was so much fun! over the years so many of us have expressed the wish that we could just sit down and talk with Clay. Last night we got the chance to do that.

    • I hadn't thought of it that way, but you're right! We used to chat about how we wanted to "go for a walk" with him or "just ask him about" stuff, and there he was… and it was SUPER, just as cute and funny and interesting and sometimes sad as we used to fantasize. Such a fascinating guy, I so want Allison G. to do another memoir…

  5. Clay's chat last night was just wonderful. I enjoyed every moment. I think most of us felt like we were just sitting in the room with him… Just a regular guy who tries his best to make it in this world…just like every one of us. My granddaughter sat with me as we watched Clay…and she said she just loves his laugh…it makes her smile. How True!!!!! She was watching the # of people on line…I was not…I couldn't keep my eyes off of Clay…I was happy just to do that… I love the guy…what can I say???? He is the real deal….

  6. Loved every second of it!!! Especially the scooter story. I'm not sure if it was the story itself or the joy he took in telling it!!

  7. The whole chat thing was amazing to me. It was like he was just sitting down and talking to his friends. That's probably the closest I'll ever come to seeing him that up close. I couldn't stop watching just him. Thank you Clay!!!

  8. It was very special. I enjoyed it probably more than a concert. It felt very comfortable. Clay is an amazing person and after all these years he still doesn't "get" why we hang on and continue to be fans. I wish he could be on this side for just a little while so he could see what we see in him. It is hard to explain and we have even asked ourselves "what is it about this man" that keeps us coming back, it's a feeling or a moment or a song or all those things and so much more. We love you, Clay. Don't ask us why…it would take too long to explain. 🙂

  9. I loved it!! Not more than a concert, no; he is an absolutely riveting singer, performer, comedian and I can never get enough — but as someone else pointed out, this was the real man, like chatting with a friend, and my goodness, this guy could just charm the birds out of the trees!!! That wonderfully unique and expressive face, such a light voice when he sings so powerfully, the contrast is fascinating, the accent, and that giggle! Favorite parts? All of it!! Some parts that really got me — the twisty tie, and he showed it in his fingers, LOL; when he laughed so hard he had to put his head on the desk, haha (like in Next Top Model and David's gala, so cute); yes, the scooter story, adorable; when he left to get Raleigh and showed her to us, I got so excited when he got up I clapped, didn't believe he'd do it!!; when he told us how scared he was of getting booed (aww, Clay, we wouldn't) and how Merle helped him, his description of her "looking right into my eyes" and telling him something so emotional one can't usually express it — she sounds amazing; and of course when he told us how much we mean to him and gave us sign-language love and thanks. After 8-1/2 years I'm a bigger fan than ever; each time he hits my heart or makes me proud, I think I couldn't love him more, but then I do.

  10. I was upset to have missed it though I hope it'll be posted somewhere or there'll be a transcript, maybe…?
    I hope he does another one soon because I will not miss that one, even though it'll probably be in the early hours of the morning here, Clay's worth it 🙂
    I love the fact that he watches British TV, being British myself although if I had my way he'd have way more popularity here, I can only convert so many people. I also love the fact that he's just like a normal person (as you said), that's why you kept your fans Clay, well, that and your voice (and some other reasons)…
    Thanks for keeping me up to date on what's happening with Clay 🙂

  11. The most memorable points, to me and many others too, are the points about Merle and her pre-coming out comments that so helped him; the twisty ties truth that made him laugh harder than anything; the shoe out in the hall; and, most of all to me, that he does not know why we are all still here for him.
    After the chat ended, it was very clear to me. He knows we love him, but he doesn't know how much we like and admire him.

  12. Musicfan,

    Excellent recap of Clay Aiken's video chat! Thank you for assembling these comments in your report. For those who missed the chat, I hope there will be other replays.

    Have a great week!


  13. I loved the video chat. It seemed like he was just talking to some friends and that was just so special. Loved hearing about the things he likes and loved the story of the talk between him and Merle.
    An absolutely amazing hour!

  14. I loved the chat with Clay: I'm really new a this although I been a fan since A I. He was wonderful however I had my volume turned all all the way up and I had to have the computer almost up to my ear and I still didn't get all of it. I guess I wasn't the only one so I hope next time we cn get his volume up somehow. all and allk I loved it.

  15. The video Chat last night was so special for all of the reasons that so many have already stated. But I was really excited early

    in the chat when I realized the question he was answering was so

    familiar and then I hollered out to my family – “Clay just answered my question” !! I just could hardly believe it – how could he, out of all those questions that were submitted earlier

    be answereing my silly question. But he did – “When you are lounging around your house, do you wear slippers or barefeet?”

    Barefeet he answered.!!!!I thought I was dreaming and couldn’t wait to see the video replay and make sure it was true! After that, I was one of the Claymates that he says “They’re Nuts” but

    in a good way! Can not ever explain the joy he brings to me – not

    counting those very alive “special eyes” when he is thinking, reading, talking. It was a very good Chat!!

  16. I was there Monday night at the Chat. It was so much fun. Those questions were flying by. What I loved about it was that Clay was just Clay. I really don't think I have seen this Clay before. Only, made me love him all the more.

    Best moment: When he talked about Merle coming to his room to comfort him after he came out..and how much it helped him. He said she is a very special friend.

    He just looked gorgeous. What beautiful eyes he has. I just sat there mesmerized by them. Love that guy!

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