Clay Aiken – He’s Just A Regular Guy

Were you one of the more than 800 people who participated in the live video chat with Clay Aiken?  Held during the evening of Monday, August 1, 2011, Clay Aiken shared stories, answered questions and laughed with us about an array of topics.

Clay was witty and relaxed as he chatted.  He carefully avoided questions about his personal life and his future professional plans, but most of his fans knew that these topics were out of bounds.

What did he have to say?  Well…it was an hour…Clay shared a lot of information with his fans.  These are a few things that I remember.

  • Presidents he would like to have met…Harry Truman and Lyndon Johnson…  Favorite President..Jimmy Carter
  • Practices a sugar-free diet since the beginning of the Tried & True Tour
  • Loved the show, The Apprentice and left the door open for Celebrity Apprentice
  • Favorite movie…Whale Rider
  • Most significant singer right now…Bruno Mars
  • Concerned about the bad grammar and spelling that Twitter and texting is causing.
  • Just finished reading THE HELP (Kathryn Stockett)… he couldn’t put it down
  • Now reading MUDBOUND (Hillary Jordan)
  • Enjoys a lot of British TV…his favorite is Downton Abbey.
  • Would love to write a children’s book
  • Favorite city in Canada…Toronto, but is looking forward to visiting Victoria.
  • I am trying to figure out what Clay was doing wandering the halls of a hotel with just one shoe…was he wearing the shoe…was it in his hand…and why did he leave it there?  I bet he wishes he knew too!!

Perhaps the best part of the night was when Clay shared some personal moments with us.  He made it feel like he was sharing with friends.  Clay laughed about the effects of the Paxil, but it must have been difficult.  And, the story about his friend Merle was very touching!

I loved the following quotes from some fans:

He’s just a regular guy who happens to be living in a fishbowl. Jeez, I love him even more after seeing this chat.

Clay was just sitting at his desk, talking to us. He just touches my heart. I just cannot love the guy anymore…but I know I will.

I thought tonight we got something very few of us have ever seen – and that was Clay being himself. Not Clay the entertainer – but Clay. Loved it. He’s got me for forever.

What a fun night this has been. I want to do it again!      

I agree…it was a wonderful night!!  Did you see the chat?  What was your favorite thing about the video chat?

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I will try and get more information about how we can help and pass it along.

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