Clay Aiken – Our Hands Tell A Story

Most people only notice hands when they fail – like dropping a ball or failing to thread a needle.  But I notice hands when people speak or sing. Hands are a valuable communication tool that alone can tell a story. 

Hands are the heart’s landscape.

~ Pope John Paul II

The human hand allows the mind to reveal itself.

~ Maria Montessori

The hands are the instruments of man’s intelligence.
~ Unknown

Our hands tell a story.

~ Unknown

Fine art is that in which the hand, the head, and the heart of man go together.
~  John Ruskin

Last year at the National Inclusion Project Gala, Clay Aiken felt this song was especially beautiful when told by hands.

What a beautiful performance of Both Sides Now

SueReu put together another of her wonderful videos.  The music is beautiful, but watch the hands.  They tell the story!

Where Do I Begin – A Love Story

It’s not too late to add your favorites to the comments on Monday’s Blog.  The more people that participate, the more fun!

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15 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Our Hands Tell A Story

  1. It's been awhile since I posted, but I read everyday and love the CANN. Anyway, here are my favs from each of the albums.. as requested yesterday__MOAM – Perfect Day__MCWL – Mary, Did You Know__ATDW – Here You Come Again (+ the bonus track – Lover All Alone)__OMWH – Something About Us__TNT – Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (+the bonus track – You Don't Have To Say You Love Me____Thanks,__Bev (Claymatron)

  2. Clay has the most beautiful hands, he most definitely uses them to convey emotion – although I'm not so sure he knows that he's doing it, I just think the music goes through his head, his heart, his soul and then out through his glorious voice and those hands.

    Thank you for all the great hand photos and quotes! Thanks for posting the video to Both Sides Now from the 2010 Gala, it's stunning. Thank you for also posting my video =)

  3. The is just something magical about Clay's hands…..delicate, but strong and every emotion is shown in them.

    Thanks for such a great selection of Clay-hands pictures….and both videos are just perfect!!

  4. Clay has the most beautiful hands. They are so expressive.

    Thanks for posting the pictures and the 2 videos!!

  5. Clay's hands are definitely a beautiful and expressive part of his singing performances. His hand dance is hypnotic, artistic and sensual. Clay is always at his best when he sings, and dances with his hands and/or feet. The pictures and videos are stunning. Thanks musicfan and to SueRue also, who's videos are always her best.

  6. Oh, and I absolutely love both of the videos posted. Both Sides Now was a beautiful interpretation of a beautiful song, and Sue's montage is amazing. What a glorious voice he has, and when he uses his hands with meaning, it's magic.

  7. Just like everything about Clay his hands are beautifully expessive. I love those videos. Thank you for a great blog! 🙂

  8. There is just something so beautiful about Clay's hands…and, I must say the picture of his hands where he is wearing the pin stripe suit…are just so sexy. I never thought I would ever say that about someone hands…but, it is true. He needs to start wearing rings again.

    Thanks so much for the video of "Both Sides Now." I haven't watched that one in quite a while..and it is still so stunning. I'll have to start watching it again. Also, liked the Montage from Suereu. I can never get enough of "Love Song." Loved the ending!

  9. Thanks to all of you that take the time to flim videos of Clay and his Concerts and his singing. He is so underated. The best singer and so not given the respect he deserves. So beautiful the signing of the song " Both SIDES NOW" Clays voice is strong and gentle at the same time. JUST LOVE CLAY and want more news every day and month and need more live concerts also.

  10. I never thought much about artists hands when they were singing. BUT, that was before CLAY!!! As beautiful as his CDs are, they cannot compare to a visual performance where facial expressions & hand gestures play a prominent part in his performance!!! It's like trying to describe a painting without being able to see it!

  11. I was late in trying to post in the song poll.
    My favorite of all times is The Way….of course Right here waiting aint bad…or Hold Me..Thrill Me.
    I like him best when he is not singing glory notes. Just soft songs.
    There is something in Clays voice, some pitch or some sound that actually touches my brain, mymind…the sound is so soothing….

  12. I didn't see this blog until today and can I say I have fallen in love with "His Hands"!
    He is truly an Artist – no doubt about it – All of him "tells a story" – but his hands are unlike any
    other singer. Just too beautiful for words to describe. I don't think anyone can watch him sing and
    not be touched to your very core.

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