Clay Aiken Is Out Spelunking!

While Clay is out “spelunking”, we need to try a few things… so…

Lets take an un-official poll of our favorite Clay Aiken songs…

Pick your #1 favorite song from each album and leave your answer as a comment on this blog.  I will keep a total and report on Thursday.  I know that many of you read this via your e-mail, but we would love to have your opinion too.  So stop by so we can get your input too.  The more responses, the more fun it will be.

May I just say how much I appreciate your support of CANN.  If there is some topic you would like me to research and write about, please let me know.  This has been a long break and like most of you, I can’t wait to report some exciting news “soon”.

Measure of a Man

Label: RCA Records   Released: October 14, 2003

Track List:
I Will Carry You
The Way
When You Say You Love Me
No More Sad Song
Run to Me
I Survived You
This is The Night
Perfect Day
Measure of a Man


Merry Christmas With Love

Label: RCA Records  Released: November 16, 2004

Track List:
O, Holy Night
Winter Wonderland
Silent Night
Hark the Herald Angels Sing/O Come All Ye Faithful
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Mary, Did You Know
Joy to the World
The Christmas Song
Don’t Save It All for Christmas Day
Merry Christmas With Love
Sleigh Ride
What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?

A Thousand Different Ways

Label: RCA Records    Released: September 19, 2006

Track List:
Right Here Waiting
Lonely No More
Without You
Every Time You Go Away
Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
When I See You Smile
A Thousand Days
Everything I Do ( I Do It For You)
Because You Loved Me
I Want to Know What Love Is
These Open Arms
Here You Come Again
Everything I Have
Broken Wings

Bonus Tracks:
Lover All Alone (iTunes)
If You Don’t Know Me By Now (Kmart)

On My Way Here

Label: RCA Records   Released: May 6, 200

Track List:
On My Way Here
Everything I Don’t Need
Something About Us, Falling
Where I Draw The Line, The Real Me
Weight Of The World
As Long As We’re Here
Sacrificial Love
Grace Of God
Lover All Alone

Bonus Tracks:
It’s In Everyone of Us (iTunes Exclusive)
Forget I Ever Knew You (Wal-Mart Exclusive)

Tried & True

Label: Decca Records   Released:  June 1, 2010

Track List:
1. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You
2. What Kind Of Fool Am I?
3. It’s Only Make Believe
4. Misty
5. Mack The Knife
6. It’s Impossible
7. Unchained Melody
8. Suspicious Minds
9. Crying
10. There’s A Kind Of Hush
11. Moon River

Bonus Tracks:

You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me (iTunes Exclusive)
Whose Sorry Now? (Deluxe Version)
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (Deluxe Version)

Thanks to all of you for participating in this fun poll!!



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53 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Is Out Spelunking!

  1. Goodness, It's so hard to choose and I could feel differently tomorrow but:
    MOAM – I survived you
    MCWL – Merry Christmas with Love
    ATDW – A Thousand Days
    OMWH – Where I draw the line
    TNT – It's Impossible

  2. This is tough, there are so many from each album that are wonderful. MOAM, I'm going to say "Touch". ATDW, I love Broken Wings. OMWH, I love them all,I'll say "Falling" and "Forget I Ever Knew You". MCWL, Don't Save It All for Christmas Day and Clay's version Of "OHoly Night". Tried and True, Love Unchained Melody,Clay's version and "Its Only Make Believe". Hope I didn't ramble too much.

  3. Hi Musicfan,
    I like The way,
    Don't save it all for Christmas day
    Because you loved me
    Everything I don't need
    Suspicious mind
    Can not wait the result LOL

  4. Here are my favorites.

    Measure of a Man: When You Say You Love Me.

    Merry Christmas With Love: Don't Save It All for Christmas Day

    A Thousand Different Ways: Lover All Alone

    On My Way Here: Something About Us

    Tried and True: You Don't Have to Say You Love Me

    And just for good measure—

    All Is Well (EP): All Is Well

    MCWL – OHN
    ATDW – LNM
    OMWH – TRM
    TnT – IOMB

    I didn't know this song existed in iTunes, will have to check it out, thanks – It’s In Everyone of Us (iTunes Exclusive)

  6. I have no idea what "spelunking" is but have fun Clay.
    You want me to choose between songs?? This could be very difficult, hmm…
    Well I'll say (though I love them all) Invisible from MOAM because it was the first Clay song I heard and was the hook that pulled me in, as it were.
    From MCWL I'll say the song MCWL.
    Hmm, well from ATDW I've probably most listened to ATD so I'll say that.
    OMWH is maybe either EIDN (because it's so different than his other songs) or LAA (because it's beautiful) I can't chose between them, I'm sorry.
    My T&T favourite is definitely UM, I love that song…
    So Invisible, MCWL, ATD, EIDN/LAA and UM.
    Thanks for keeping me up to date on all things Clay 🙂

  7. Measure of a Man
    #1-Measure Of A Man

    Merry Christmas With Love
    #1-Mary Did You Know

    A Thousand Different Ways
    #1-Without You

    On My Way Here
    #1-Something About Us

    Tried and True

  8. This is really difficult. Clay is the only artist that I never have to skip any songs on a CD. I love them all…some more than others, but there isn't one song I dislike… So this is really hard to do:
    1. MOAM…..When You Say You Love Me
    2. MCWL…..O Holy Night
    3. ATDW…..Here You Come Again
    4. OMWH…..Sacrificial Love/The Real Me
    5. T&T………It's Impossible
    On the EP All Is Well…I absolutely love All Is Well…. (I know it doesn't count..but just had to say it)

  9. Wow, okay this is tough because I love all his songs! But here it goes:


    2.MCWL~Mary Did You Know

    3.ATDW~Because You Loved Me

    4.OMWH~On My Way Here

    5.T&T~Unchained Melody

    🙂 Excited for the results, this is a fun poll

  10. I wrote this list down earlier, but waited to see what format others used. Here are my picks …………

    MOAM – Measure of a Man because the words remind me of Clay.
    MCWL – O Holy Night it is simply beautiful, especially the concert version.
    ATDW – Here You Come Again with Clay's interpretation the words are more meaningful and soothing.
    OMWH – Everything I Don't Need brings out Clay's macho self.
    T&T – Suspicious Minds never can get enough of Clay singing it. And Unchained Melody with that beautiful and longing for love ending. Love them both equally.

  11. Measure of a Man I Survived You
    Merry Christmas with Love Mary did you Know
    ATDW Everything I have
    OMWH It's in Every one of Us
    TnT Unchained Melody

  12. Touch
    Mary, Did You Know
    Everything I Do (I Do It For You)
    If You Don't Know Me By Now (Bonus Track)
    Everything I Don't Need
    Unchained Melody

  13. The Way
    Don’t Save It All for Christmas Day
    Here You Come Again
    Suspicious Minds
    These are the ones that first came into my mind, but I really, really, really love all the songs listed.

  14. 1 – Measure of a Man_2 – Hark the Herald Angels Sing/Oh Come All Yes Faithful_3 – Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word_4 – Where I Draw the Line_5 – Unchained Melody & Can't Take My Eyes Off of You_

  15. I choose:
    MOAM: No More Sad Songs
    MCWL: Mary, Did You Know
    ATDW: Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word
    OMWH: Lover All Alone
    TNT: Unchained Melody
    Bonus: Breaking Up is Hard to do

  16. MOAM – Run to Me
    MCWL – O Holy Night
    ATDW – Broken Wings
    OMWH – Sacrificial Love
    TnT – erg, hard!!!!! It's Impossible (I think)

  17. Pick between Clay Aiken songs? As in, rank some over others? You’re breaking my heart! <3 haha. Here goes.

    I Will Carry You (This song saved my life. Literally.)

    Merry Christmas With Love

    Everything I Have

    Where I Draw The Line

    Unchained Melody

    Gah! That was the hardest thing I've ever done.

  18. MOAM The Way
    MCWL Don't Save it all for Christmas Day
    ATDW If you don't Know me by Now
    OMWH Everything I Don't Need
    T&T Unchained Melody

    • Hi,,for those who do not know what Spelunking is… it is visiting or exploring caves.
      MOAN Touch
      MCWL Mary Did You Know and Don't Save It All For Christmas Day
      ATDW Everything I Do
      OMWH Ashes
      T&T By far Unchained Melody..Clay owns it!!!!
      Bonus…All Is Well

  19. mom invisable and mcwl dont save it all silent night on my way here athousand diffent ways with out you and tried and true cant take my eyes off of you

  20. Measure of a Man
    Joy to the World
    Here You Come Again
    Everything I Don't Need
    It's Only Make Believe

  21. Hi, Everyone!

    So we're supposed to pick our favorites tracks off of the albums huh? Gee, this is tough but here goes nothing…

    Measure Of A Man: The Way
    Merry Christmas With Love: Sleigh Ride
    A Thousand Different Ways: A Thousand Days
    On My Way Here: Everything I Don't Need
    Tried And True: Unchained Melody

    You should do a poll where everyone contributes what their favorite song he's sang in concert has been or on TV or on American Idol (if you can remember back that far…LOL!)

    See You Later,


  22. Tough, tough, tough!




    Silent Night

    Am Idol Holiday Classics

    The First Noel


    Right Here Waiting and bonus track:

    If You Don’t Know Me By Now


    Grace of God and bonus track:

    It’s In Every One Of Us


    Unchained Melody

    Duet: Cryin’ and bonus track:

    You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me

    • Thanks for the great suggestion, Debbie. We do have a great poll program that is compatible with Word Press…however, I thought it might be more fun to get people to comment. It has been fun reading the comments today.

      Thanks for participating!!

  23. MOAM: No More Sad Song
    MCWL: Mary Did You Know
    ATDW: If You Don't Know Me By Now
    OMWH: As Long As We're Here
    T&T: You Don't Have To Say You Love Me

  24. I'll vote, but it's a real struggle to choose only 1 from each album!

    Mary, Did You Know
    A Thousand Days
    Sacrificial Love
    Unchained Melody

  25. Oh, my goodness – hmmm

    1.MOAM~Measure of a Man

    2.MCWL~Mary Did You Know

    3.ATDW~Lonely No More


    5.T&T~Suspicious Minds

    Honorable Mention – Lover All Alone.

  26. MOAM- I Survived You
    MCWL- What are you Doing New Years Eve
    ATDW- Broken Wings
    OMWH- As Long as We're Here
    TNT- It's Only Make Believe

  27. This was a real challenge picking just one song from each CD. If you ask me tomorrow, the list could change depending on my mood.
    Measure of a Man – The Way
    Merry Christmas With Love – Mary, Did You Know
    A Thousand Different Ways – Because You Loved Me
    On My Way Here – The Real Me
    Tried & True – Unchained Melody

  28. MOAM–The Way
    MCWL–Mary Did You Know
    ATDW–Broken Wings
    Tried and True–Unchained Melody
    Have to say it was hard to just name one favorite from each album–so many that I love!!

  29. PS–I forgot to include "Lover All Alone" because it's a bonus song. But, that song is another favorite.

  30. The Way
    Don't Save It All For Christmas Day
    Lover All Alone
    Something About Us
    Unchained Mellody

  31. It is so hard to pick- I love them all but here they are for right now-they could be different in 5 minutes-
    Measure of A Man
    Don't Save It All for Christmas Day
    Because You Loved Me
    As Long As We're Here
    Unchained Melody
    All Is Well for his EP- love love that song and his singing it.

  32. Measure of a Man- This Is Mack The The Night
    Merry Christmas With Love- Don'r Save It All For Christmas Day
    A Thousand Different Ways- A Thousand Days
    On My Way Here- Ashes
    Tried and True- Mack The Knife

  33. These are very hard choices –

    MOAM -The Way/Run To Me

    MCWL – Oh Holy Night/Mary Did You Know

    ATDW – Right Here Waiting/Here You Come Again

    OMWH – As Long As We’re Here

    TnT – Unchained Melody

    All is Well (can’t be left out)

  34. Well of course i love all his music but my faves are
    M.O.A.M-measure of a man
    M.C.W.L-Mary Did You Know
    A.T.D.W.-When I See You Smile
    O.M.W.H.-Grace Of God
    T&T-Unchained Melody

  35. These are my favorites:
    MOAM = Run to me
    MCW:L=OH Holy Night
    ATDW=Without You
    OMWH=Everything I DONT NEED
    Tried and True=Unchained Melody

  36. very tough :(..
    if I have to choose :
    MCWL : Sleigh ride
    ATDW : When I see you smile + Everything I have (sorry … I really can not decide)
    OMWH : Grace of God + ….OMWH if I can pick 2 🙂
    T&T : suspicious mind
    Music fan … I know I am not obedient to pick just 1…but I just can not do it … those songs are sooo beautiful…

  37. This is really hard to choose.
    MOAM: I will carry you
    MCWL: Don't save it all
    ATDW: Broken Wings
    OMWH: Something about us
    T&T: It's impossible

  38. This is fun!
    MOAM: I survived you
    Merry Christmas With Love: Mary Did you Know
    A Thousand Different Ways: Without You
    On My Way Here: Lover All Alone
    Tried and True: Unchained Melody

  39. I am 2 days late, but I have problems, the page here hardily moves at all for me….

    MOAM – TW.
    ATDW – LNM
    OMWH – SL
    TNT – WSN

    Of course there are many favorites and its hard to pick just one.

  40. MOAM – Run To Me
    MCWL – Don't Save It All For Christmas Day
    ATDW – A Thousand Days
    OMWH – Lover All Alone
    TNT – Suspicious Minds

  41. Hope I am not too late!!

    MOAM = Perfect Day
    MCWL = Don't Save It All
    ATDW = Sorry Seems To Be
    OMWH = Something About US
    TNT = MoonRiver

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